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Last Updated: June 12, 2024


Agreement Request Form (Smartsheet): Provides information for contractual agreements between a vendor/consultant and NACDD. Email for any questions.

Amended Agreement Request Form (Smartsheet): Requests for agreement changes to a signed agreement between a vendor/consultant and NACDD. Email for any questions.

Carryforward/No Cost Extension/Redirect Request Form: Provides required information to complete carryforward request, no cost extension, and redirect requests. Email all below completed forms to Based on experience, this process takes at least 30 days for OFR approval. 

Carryforward Request (excel) This is a request to spend funds from a prior year which were reported as unobligated (unspent and not encumbered) in a submitted federal financial report.  OFR approval is required.

No Cost Extension Request for a vendor (Smartsheet):This is a request for additional time to complete scope of work for vendor without providing additional funds. Requesting additional time for a vendor is also requesting additional time for the program. OFR approval is required.

Redirect Request Notification – A redirect is a request to spend current grant year funds for a purpose that is contrary to what was initially approved. OFR approval is required. Complete this notification form and attach the completed form as well as any other relevant documents.

Center for Justice in Public Health Request Form (online). Use this form to submit requests to the Center for Justice in Public Health including speaker requests, help with project initiation, technical assistance and training, health equity reviews, and partnership requests.

Meeting Request form (in-person meeting request) Provides meeting planning information to the Meeting & Events team. An in-person meeting request form must be completed for all events requiring the Meeting & Events team’s assistance. Upon submission, the form will be sent to the team ( The team member will then contact the submitter within three business days to setup a meeting time to discuss specifics. A template for a virtual meeting run of show and an SOP for virtual meetings are also available.

RFP and RFA Process (PDF): This form communicates the steps needed to complete a RFP/RFA. Please allow 6 days to process request. The completed form should be emailed to

Speaker Notification Form (doc): The purpose of the form is to advise NACDD about speakers prior to a webinar or event. Please allow 30 days for approval. The completed form should be emailed to

Member Database Request Form and Member Engagement Participation Report (website online form/dashboard): Visit this dashboard to submit reports and requests related to Member Services.

  • Review the Member Database Request FAQ Tips Sheet 2021.
  • Use the Member Database Request Form to submit requests related to NACDD’s Member database (i.e. add/deactivating Members; updating Member contact information; Grantee Lists) and to submit requests related to Communication Preferences (i.e. NACDD Newsletters, Councils, and Event Attendee lists). Note: there are three templates available to submit multiple requests at one time; please use the template that correlates to your request type.


  • Use the Member Participation Report to submit Member Engagement data on your event attendees for meetings with 5+ Members.




These forms and tip sheets are designed to help consultants, Members, partners, and other parties submit Communications needs to the Department. For more information on how to use these forms and tip sheets, please visit the Communications webpage. Below are some of the most commonly used tools and resources.

Add Event to NACDD Calendar: Submit an NACDD meeting, webinar, or event to the Meetings & Events team for planning, posting on the calendar, or both.

NACDD Editorial Process (Beta): We are currently trialing a new Editorial process at NACDD for all of our platforms. Learn more

Communications Guide: The Communications Department works to make sure that NACDD speaks with a unified voice and consistent style and tone. Review this guide and share it with freelance writers to promote the correct use of terminology and to find commonly used reference items (such as the official names of State Health Departments, chronic disease definitions, etc…).

Additional Online Communications Tools and Resources: The Communications Department has compiled a list of royalty-free or open-source graphics, images, and audio databases and resources to support your communications projects.

Communications Department Ticket Submission Form: The Communications Department oversees the promotion of NACDD’s work by providing full-service development and review of publications, newsletters, fliers, brochures, videos, and other creative products. Use this form to receive support for a new project or to submit a completed project for review prior to distribution, and support for outreach to the media. View the Communications Department FAQ for information about how to get started with a project or learn how to work with the Communications Department on a media outreach request.

Graphic tools: These tools are currently are available via Dropbox only to NACDD staff and consultants. Resources include NACDD’s stock image gallery, logo kit, digital letterhead, and approved document templates. If you are an NACDD staff Member or consultant, you can access this Dropbox by logging in.

Impact Brief 2021 Submissions: The Impact Brief is the official newsletter for the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. It is distributed monthly to more than 5,000 NACDD Members, partners, and stakeholders. View the NACDD Editorial Calendar, which includes Impact Brief. Submit an Impact Brief news item through our Communications Service Request.

Logo Use and Branding: NACDD’s Logo Use Policy outlines the requirements for appropriate use of the Association’s Logo and a tip sheet provides more details on how branding materials may and may not be used. Review and download materials from the Logo Kit or review the Association’s quick branding guide.

Release Forms: In some circumstances, NACDD requires the use of Release Forms for photos, videos, or quotes of our partners and program participants. View a tip sheet on when and how to complete the Release Form. Use the Feedback Form for meetings and events where partners are willing to provide testimonials about NACDD’s value and programming for that event or more broadly.

Approved Vendor List: Updated 12/30/21. 

Approved Vendor Application Form: Do you have a graphic designer, photographer, printer or other communications-focused vendor that you would recommend to other consultants and staff? Encourage them to apply for NACDD Approved Vendor status.

Branded Giveaways: There are a number of NACDD-branded giveaways that Consultants and staff can hand out during meetings and events. Using giveaways during events helps Members and partners recognize the Association’s brand. NACDD-branded items are a wonderful way to promote the work that the Association does on a daily basis and are intended to drive Members and partners back to the Association’s website to learn more about chronic disease prevention and control. Fill out our Communications Service Request to request Giveaways and view a list of available items.

Documentation Equipment Loans: Consultants and staff can check equipment out from the Communications Department for NACDD-related events. View the full list of available equipment and accessories available for check out. Read NACDD’s Equipment Check Out Tip Sheet on how to properly care for equipment while it is in your possession. Contact the Communications Department for more information.

Zoom Online Event Consulting (guide): Provides information on booking a Zoom online consultant for online event such as webinar or livestream. Booking must be made two weeks in advance of event with Zoom Account Executive Bret Litle.


ACH Authorization Form (pdf): The purpose of the form is to provide the Finance team with information to process payment via ACH. The completed form should be sent to Point of contact is Charles Williams.

Contractor Budget Template and Guidance Document (excel and pdf): The guidance document identifies what information is required for “contracts/grants” budget line item/category. Consultant should provide this template to institutions, companies, or organizations, etc. if they need to provide NACDD with a budget. This is the budget detail for amounts shown in the “contracts/grants” budget line item/category.

Consultant Registration Notification (pdf type into): This form must be used when a consultant wants to be reimbursed for registration fees. Registration fees will not be reimbursed until after the event occurs. The event must be explicitly stated in the approved budget.

Grant Application Budget Template and Instructions (excel and pdf): This form will assist with preparing a budget for a federal grant application or a nonfederal grant application or proposals. Unless advised otherwise, please email completed information to Budgets for proposals and grant applications must be approved by the CEO, Senior Director of Programs, and Director of Finance prior to submission.

Indirect Rate/Management Fee Schedule (pdf): This document provides guidance about the indirect rate or management fee rate to include in budgets for grant applications and proposals to nonprofit organizations, states, or corporations. Point of contact is Marti Macchi.

Invoice template (excel) (word): Provides invoice template with required information. The invoice template may be in a different format, but it must have the required information (invoice date, description of service, period worked, amount, finance code, name and mailing address). This template may be given to speakers/facilitators or vendors for usage.  Submission of a signed presenter’s confirmation letter can be used in lieu of an invoice.

OFR Submission Deadlines (PDF):  Provides current fiscal year deadline date to submit redirect and carryforward requests to for federally funded projects. Point of contact is Crystal E. Doxie.

Stipend-Honoraria form (pdf-type into):  Provides notification to Finance of who will receive the funds. The form must be submitted 30 days prior to each event. You must allow time for CEO approval.  The staff accountant will submit for CEO approval. Email completed form to Note that the recipient must submit a completed W9 form to before payment will be made.

Stipend Payment Confirmation (pdf): This form should be given to an individual whose stipend is being funded by the same federal program/project in which their employer is receiving funds. This form should be completed at least 30 days prior to each event. The individual and their employer must complete this document to confirm that payment of the stipend/honorarium is allowable and in compliance of federal regulations. The completed form should be submitted to

Presenter’s Confirmation Letter Template (word): Serves as a template for preparing a confirmation letter for speakers/facilitators. Consultant must update letter as appropriate and provide to, who will obtain the CEO’s signature, retain a copy, and mail/email signed letters to the consultant.

Vendor Update Change Form: Contact Teresa Slayton ( for a copy of this form. This form is to communicate a:

  • Change from an Assigned NACDD Consultant/ Other Contractor to another NACDD Consultant/Other Contractor.

Please also include a CV/resume for the newly assigned NACDD Consultant.

  • Change from “TBD” to an Assigned Consultant/Vendor

OFR must be notified of this change. Point of contact is Teresa Slayton.

W9 tax form (pdf): Provides information to Finance so that taxable income can be reported to the IRS. All vendors/consultants must complete this form and send to Vendors must ensure that a signed W9 is on file with NACDD.


Updated Travel Information & Resources Coming SOON


Member Engagement Participation Report (website online form): Use this mechanism to upload meeting participation report for all member engagement types.

Progress Reports: Consultant will provide updates as directed by the Program Evaluator using the provided evaluation tool. Contractors who are not NACDD consultants will provide quarterly or periodic progress reports as stated in their agreement and must submit it to The contractor’s agreement will indicate what must be included in the quarterly progress reports.

Progress Report (non-CDC projects) template (word): This template should be used for  non-CDC projects when the client does indicate a reporting format. This form should be submitted based on the deadline communicated by Finance. The progress report will be submitted with the invoice to the client per the revenue agreement. The point of contact is Anissa Hackett.


Publication & Presentation Submission Tracking Form (online form): For questions, please contact Jeanne Alongi at

Survey Request Form (online form): Use this form to submit any survey request for review and distribution to members. NACDD’s goal is to have a coordinated approach of managing surveys.


New Hire IT Request Form (link) 

Equipment Replacement IT Request Form (Existing Form) (link)

Center for Justice in Public Health Request Form (online). Use this form to submit requests to the Center for Justice in Public Health including speaker requests, help with project initiation, technical assistance and training, health equity reviews, and partnership requests.

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