Public Health Data Systems

NACDD is working with states to promote the adoption of innovative surveillance approaches to spread and evaluate evidence-based strategies to reduce risks, complications, and barriers to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease.

In partnership with CDC and the Children’s Environmental Health Initiative at Rice University, NACDD coordinates virtual and in-person training opportunities in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS enables users to visualize and analyze spatial information using maps to provide insights into patterns and relationships, helping state and local health departments in strategic decision-making.

NACDD provides technical support for states implementing Community e-Connect, a bi-directional electronic linkage between clinical Electronic Medical Records and community-based organizations. Community e-Connect creates a collaboration between clinical organizations and community partners who provide evidence-based programs to improve individual patient health as well as population health, overall.

CDC has funded NACDD to develop a pilot project to implement Multi-state EHR-based Network for Disease Surveillance (MENDS) in three State Health Departments: North Dakota, Virginia, and Washington, and their data partners.

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