Communications Department Support FAQ

The contents of this support FAQ is being updated.

NACDD’s Communications Department assists with the development and creation of publications, reports, brochures, videos, webpages, and publicity campaigns to help effectively convey the significance of the work NACDD does every day. We are excited to work with you on your next Communications deliverable!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that can help you prepare for a smooth and efficient collaboration with the Communications Department.

**Reminder: Projects completed without the involvement of the Communications Department still must be approved by Communications prior to their dissemination.**

  • All Communications Department staff are cross-trained across multiple skills and functions, and together hold decades of experience in public relations and marketing that we bring to support the various requests from our Department. Staff have general areas of focus as follows:
    • Email marketing, Association communications, internal communications – Stacey Evans, Communications Specialist.
    • Program publications, publicity campaigns, and partner communications – Zunera Mirza, Health Communications Specialist.
    • Major projects in any category, discussions of hiring public relations or marketing firms, or strategic planning –  Paige Rohe, Senior Director of Communications and Member Services.
  • We have only ONE form you need to use to request the Communications Department help, the Communications Department Ticket Submission Form.

  • Use this form to request support for:
    • Review/approval of communications deliverables that already have been created.
    • Request help preparing communications deliverables or communications campaigns.
    • Ordering branded giveaways.
  • If you’re planning a communications deliverable, developing a work plan, or want to brainstorm…email us early in your process. We are happy to brainstorm with you and share strategic guidance and advice as well as get a heads up about what projects might be coming our way.

  • If you would like us to begin work on your project… submit a ticket through the Communications Department Ticket Submission process, being sure to provide all necessary information.

  • Be sure that you and your portfolio manager have reviewed the content so that we are working with material the program considers final.

  • Do not submit an email requesting review or creation of a deliverable.

  • NOTE: While staff have general focus areas, we assign staff to complete requests based on a variety of factors, such as skill set, historical familiarity with a project, and availability given other outstanding tickets, among other factors.

  • If you have follow-up information about a ticket that you already submitted, please email the person who has been assigned to your project.
  • Before drafting content, consider the multiple audiences who may use the tool and their level of knowledge and understanding about the subject.

  • Consider how the deliverable will be promoted to help ensure the material effectively reaches its intended audience.

  • Identify samples of other documents/videos/webpages that are similar to what is desired for the project. If the publication is an updated version of a previous deliverable, share a sample with the Communications Department for their reference.
  • We confirm receipt of all submitted tickets within three business days. When we respond, we will assign a Communications staff member and verify the final project information.

  • The timeline for completion of projects varies based on the complexity of the request, staff availability, and whether outside vendors need to be involved. Here are some general guidelines to consider (keep in mind every project is different):
    A timeline for communications response on materials
  • Share the material with your portfolio manager before sending it to the Communications Department.

  • Share the material with your technical monitor after the Communications Department has reviewed it.
  • Use NACDD’s graphics and templates (such as logos, stock photos, and report templates), our Quick Start Branding Guide, and Communications manual to help create publications and other deliverables that are already within our style and branding guidelines.

  • We offer an Approved Vendor list to help start the preparation of deliverables as your budget allows.

  • We offer video camera, photo, and audio recording equipment loans upon request.
  • Plan ahead to take photos or otherwise document work being completed for inclusion in deliverables.

  • Be sure to include information about any grant or federal requirements/boiler language that must be used in a deliverable.

  • Use active voice to engage the audience; it’s easier to read and understand.

  • “Show” rather than “tell” the audience why the topic is important by using statistics, examples, and research to make a case.

  • Never hesitate to reach out with a question or concern as you are in the deliverable development process. We are always happy to help!

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