Turning Efficient Stewardship into Effective Service

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. NACDD predominantly receives program funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in addition to many other public and private partners.

NACDD has a track record of maximizing efficiency and transparency in our financial accounting and reporting. As a result, we have received unqualified opinion on our independent, audited financial reports.

Through decades of efficient stewardship of federal grant monies, the Association has interacted dynamically with State and Territorial Health Departments to assist them with the procurement and logistics support necessary for their program activities. We have built strong relationships with state and territorial Chronic Disease Directors because of our mutual commitment and dedication to reducing the burden of chronic disease.

NACDD accepts fiscal responsibility to foster financial transparency to implement sound internal controls and policies and to govern our Association ethically and professionally.


Income Distribution

NACDD continues to prove its leadership role in fighting chronic disease. During the past three decades, we have grown from handling two CDC-funded projects in 1991 to more than 200 project activities in 2018. Additionally, NACDD has responded through our staff and consultants to lend our expertise to more than 1,000 projects with the CDC and its partners.

Expenditure Functional Allocation

NACDD provides exceptional service based on our culture of care. We are extremely effective in our stewardship of monies entrusted to us. As a result of running a lean organization, we have been able to increase the impact of partner income. The vast majority – 85% – of our funding goes directly into the programmatic aspects of our projects. 

Careers at NACDD

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