Since 1988, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors has grown from a handful of Chronic Disease Directors to more than 7,000 public health professionals, advocates, nonprofit workers, healthcare providers, and private industry executives. Our success stems from the strong efforts of these dedicated Members. We would not be where we are today without their critical participation.


What is NACDD?

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors was founded in 1988 as a professional association of like-minded health officials committed to the advancement of chronic disease prevention and control. Today, the Association has grown to serve 7,000 Members, who share best practices, advocate for preventive policies, encourage knowledge sharing, and provide thought leadership in health promotion. Through professional development, capacity building, and program work, we remain dedicated to the success of state, tribal, and territorial work to reduce the burden of chronic disease in the United States.

What are NACDD’s Membership categories?

General Members:

are employees of State and Territorial Health Departments who are working in chronic disease prevention and control programs. Eligible General Members also include staff in health promotion and education, epidemiology units, maternal and child health, oral health, injury, immunization, and communicable and noncommunicable diseases and/or risk factors. General Members automatically receive NACDD Membership through their State and Territorial Health Departments, which pay the Membership dues on their behalf.

Associate Members:

are not State or Territorial Health Department employees, but public health professionals working in chronic disease in other industries and specialty areas, such as nonprofit, healthcare systems, private industry, or academia. Examples include federal employees, nonprofit executives, healthcare providers, public health academics, researchers, corporate employees, students enrolled full-time in public health or an allied field, and individuals retired from the practice of public health. Eligible Associate Membership categories include:

  • Educational (example: colleges, universities)
  • Federal (example: CDC, HHS)
  • Local County (example: local, municipal, or county health departments)
  • Partner (example: private industry, healthcare systems)
  • Retired (example: former employees of State or Territorial Health Departments)
  • Student (example: individuals enrolled full-time in public health or an allied field)
  • Tribal (example: Tribal Health Departments)
Associate Membership is provided at no cost thanks to a generous donation from the ProVention Health Foundation

Friend of NACDD

is for an individual who is not ready to join as a Member but would like to receive NACDD Communications and attend webinars and events that are open to the public. This simplified affiliation allows you to stay informed but does not include full engagement with Member benefits. There is not a fee for Friend of NACDD at this time.

How do I join NACDD?

Become a Member today by simply selecting the category that best reflects your role and affiliation with NACDD. Contact Member Services with questions or additional support.

As the American population ages and healthcare costs rise, chronic diseases are no longer simply an individual health challenge - they threaten the economic prosperity of our nation. NACDD works to ensure that a strong national cohort of skilled professionals is ready to help everyone lead healthier lives.
Mehul Dalal, MD, MSc, MHS
Former Chronic Disease Director,
Connecticut Department of Health

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