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August 2021 – Connecting the Dots: ACEs, Mental Health, and Preventing Long-term Chronic Disease

July 2021 – Conversations with Virtual Humans about Cancer: New simulations about prostate cancer, launch of the new ConversationsAboutCancer.org site, and CMEs for providers

June 2021 – Six Months In: A Look at Federal and State Policy Trends Under a New Administration

May 2021 – Leveraging Medicaid for Chronic Disease Prevention

April 2021 – Adoption of a Public Health Approach for Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use and Associated Short-term Outcomes and Chronic Conditions

March 2021 – Coupling Evidence-Based Interventions to Encourage Sustainability

February 2021 – Redlining and Chronic Disease: The Legacy of Racism on the Built Environment and on Health

January 2021 – Managing Chronic Disease During COVID-19: Opportunities for State Health Departments

November 2020 – Seizures and Epilepsy: The “Forgotten” Chronic Disease You Need to Know About

October 2020 – Making “Upstream” Mainstream: How States are Moving in this Direction

September 2020 – Declaring Racism a Public Health Emergency: What does that mean?

August 2020 – Implementation Science in Practice

July 2020 – The Role of Telehealth in Public Health

June 2020 – Understanding Public Health and Community Development Partnerships

April 2020 – Partnering with Employers

March 2020 – Chronic Pain, Arthritis, and the Opioid Crisis: A Public Health Perspective

February 2020 – Building Public Health Capacity to Enhance Vision and Eye Health

January 2020 – How We in State Health Departments can Support Active People, Healthy Nation

Each month, NACDD hosts a General Member Webinar — generally on the fourth Thursday of the month at 3 p.m. ET — for all Members and guests to gain knowledge and skills in one or more of the Chronic Disease Competency areas shown below:

NACDD invites to these webinars national experts to share the most up-to-date knowledge as well as public health professionals working in health departments to share their real-world lessons in the topic area.

NACDD-Sponsored Webinars

NACDD July 2021 General Member Webinar – Conversations with Virtual Humans about Cancer

NACDD and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have developed engaging, interactive conversation simulations with computer-animated virtual humans to help both providers and patients navigate difficult conversations about cancer screening, treatment, and survivorship. This webinar will feature a previously recorded video with speakers:

• Dr. Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH, Director of CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC)
• Gurnek Singh, MBA, Head of Product, Healthcare at Kognito
• John Patton, BA, Director of Public Affairs at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD)
• Zunera Mirza, MPH, Health Communications Specialist at NACDD
• Natasha McCoy, MPH (Moderator), Senior Public Health Consultant for NACDD

The speakers discuss Kognito’s approach to developing innovative, digital health products using gamification software, a timeline of the CDC/NACDD cancer-related human simulations, a brief overview of the prostate cancer patient and provider simulations.

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