Chronic Disease Competencies

The NACDD Chronic Disease Competencies are a set of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that build success for both individuals and teams working in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. The competencies provide a guide to help identify, evaluate and develop desired behaviors. NACDD offers several resources for both managers and non managers to understand and use the Chronic Disease Competencies.

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Take the Online Assessment

X Members can use the Chronic Disease Competencies Assessment Tool to: establish a baseline of current skills in a new position; conduct periodic self-assessments to observe change; work with a manager to compare assessments; and develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to support ongoing progress and advancement. If you are having technical issues accessing the Assessment Tool, please read this.

Competencies User Guide

X The Guide to Understanding and Using Chronic Disease Competencies contains a full description of how to adopt and use the competencies in your agency, including how to use the assessment tool and IDP, how managers can use the competencies for team evaluations, interview guides, job description builders and more.

List of Competencies

X This document contains a full list of the revised Competencies supported by NACDD. It is intended for Chronic Disease practitioners, partners in chronic disease prevention and health promotion, and others interested in promotion, planning and policy. Each of the seven competency areas contains specific sub-competencies to guide professional development and career progression. It also includes a separate table highlighting the added sub-competencies related to ensuring equity.

2016 Competencies Report

X This report provides a thorough description and history of the NACDD competencies – including updates made in 2016 to the original competencies that were developed in 2007.

Competencies Online Tutorial

X The NACDD Competencies Online Tutorial is the first in what will be a series of interactive tutorials that help users understand why competencies are a valuable component to agencies, managers and individuals. It also provides instructions on how to use the assessment tool as well as a knowledge check. This can be used by non-managers to understand why they may be asked to complete a self-assessment. The tutorial plays well on PC/Mac, tablet, or phone.

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