Regional Networks Practice & Research Chat 

Network with peers. Exchange best practices. Stay updated on the latest trends in chronic disease prevention.

Connect with other Chronic Disease Directors via the Regional Networks Practice & Research Chat to explore
pressing issues that shape the future of chronic disease prevention.

The quarterly sessions provide a platform for peer-to-peer engagement, allowing Chronic Disease Directors to
share valuable insights and perspectives on regional challenges and opportunities.

These meetings are designed to:

  • Strengthen networking and collaboration among Chronic Disease Directors for mutual support and
    resource sharing
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and shared learning
  • Identify opportunities and viable strategies for influence policy and strategic decision-making at the
    national level
  • Offer information about relevant emerging and latest trends, innovations, and research
  • Enhance capability to address complex challenges

Ultimately, these interactions contribute to enhanced program outcomes and support Chronic Disease Directors in making a lasting impact in the field of chronic disease prevention.

For more information, please contact Jason Brown,

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