Partner Engagement Learning Lab

Improving organizational capacity to engage partner organizations with commitment to centering equity.

In 2022, NACDD’s Center for Public Health Leadership launched the Physical Activity and Nutrition Partner Engagement Learning Lab to enhance states’ capacity to engage partner organizations to improve the risk factors of physical inactivity and poor nutrition.

Each year NACDD works with a cohort of three to four states and their partners. The state teams and their partners attend multiple virtual learning sessions followed by several one-on-one coaching sessions. In these sessions, the teams address a variety of challenges including increasing nutrition and physical activity opportunities in and out of school time settings for children, ages 6 to 11; building a cross-sector obesity prevention network focused on the highest risk communities; and improving equitable delivery of the Food and Nutrition Service programs across agencies.

Cohorts focus on exploring the principles of Collective Impact and applying strategies to support Centering Equity in Collective Impact. The Center for Public Health Leadership also shares prioritization and partnership tools, case studies, and tips about successfully convening cross-sector partners.

The Learning Lab culminates with the state teams and partners implementing a partner engagement activity that meets the state’s specific needs and based on their capacity. All teams made significant progress toward their end goal.

Centering Equity in Collective Impact strategies:

Ground the work in data, context, and targeting the solutions.

Focus on systems change in addition to programs and services.

Shift power within the collaborative.

Listen to and act with the community.

Build equity, leadership, and accountability.

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