Advocacy Toolbox:
Policy Planning and Analysis Tools

This page has resources from NACDD and other organizations.

  • How to develop an advocacy plan
  • Information on how to provide feedback on proposed legislation or policy
  • Tool for analyzing policy and legislation

For additional resources, see also Policy Resources from Other Organizations.

Prioritizing potential policies, developing an action or systems development planOral Health Policy Tool Guidebook, 2009GuidebookChildren’s Dental Health Project in collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and PreventionA two-part Policy Tool to help stakeholders prioritize policy and systems development in States and to develop a policy action or systems development plan. The Policy Tool provides a planning checklist to move forward strategically once consensus about priorities is achieved. Developed collaboratively by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP). These tools can be applied to other policy initiatives.
Community advocacyCommunity Toolbox: Organizing for Effective Advocacy (Chapters 30 – 35)Online toolboxUniversity of KansasThis section of the University of Kansas Community Toolbox focuses on how to develop and implement an Advocacy Plan. The web-supported chapter provides a general overview, identifies ‘survival skills,’ examines how to understand advocacy issues, recognize allies and identify opponents, as well as encourage involvement of allies and opponents. Chapter 30 describes the principles of advocacy and how to develop an Advocacy Plan.
Community advocacyConnecticut Health Advocacy ToolboxOnline toolboxConnecticut Health Policy ProjectThis Toolbox is geared at beginner advocates and health care consumers who want to improve health care policies. Developed by the Connecticut Health Policy Project, the toolbox provides information to help consumers address the problems they are facing. The Toolbox starts where people generally begin – with a problem that they feel needs addressing. The Advocacy Decision Tree helps consumers decide which tool will be most effective to get the change needed. The goal of the Toolbox is skill development. The toolbox does not endorse any position, candidate or party.
Legislation analysisDPCP Legislative Analysis Tool, 2007Handout – Analysis ToolNACDDThis two-page document provides a systematic and standardized method to produce a synopsis of a pending bill. The completed document will reflect the bill’s purpose, pros and cons, fiscal impact, likely opposition, and policy implications. Developed by the NACDD Diabetes Council, 2007.
School health diabetes legislation, guidelines, state reports, etc.Diabetes School Health Resource ListWebsiteNACDDThis resource list, developed by the Diabetes Council School Health Work Group, provides Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs and their partners with national and statewide resources on caring for students with diabetes in the school environment. Resources, collected from Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs and partner organizations, focus on legislation, guidelines and state reports, training materials for school personnel, educational materials for families, and resources on Individualized Health Plans for Children with Diabetes.

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