Advocacy Toolbox:
Advocacy Overview

This page has resources prepared by NACDD and other organizations’ top experts in advocacy.

  • NACDD policy resources
  • The legislative process
  • How to become an advocate for chronic disease
  • The Federal budget and appropriations processes
  • Partnerships
  • Communications tools
  • Advocacy vs. lobbying
NACDD Policy ResourcesNACDD Policy WebpageWebpageNACDDFind information on how to become an advocate, state and federal policy, and NACDD policy statements.
How individuals can advocateAdvocating for Chronic Disease Programs
Fran Wheeler
Powerpoint presentationNational Association of Chronic Disease DirectorsThis action-oriented PowerPoint presentation offers suggestions on how individuals can focus their congressional advocacy efforts. It includes specific suggestions on ways to become a recognized and trusted expert.
Educating policymakers and communication tools, partnershipsAdvocacy by State Program Staff, March 2007
David Hoffman
Powerpoint presentationNational Association of Chronic Disease DirectorsThis presentation describes how state programs can coordinate efforts to educate policymakers, using advocacy, partnerships, communication tools, and understanding priorities.
Congressional appropriations processUnderstanding Budget, Appropriations, and Authorizing
Targeting Players, 2009

Lisa Meyer
Powerpoint presentationCornerstone Government AffairsBrief overview of the committees and subcommittees within Congress and their respective functions.
How to develop and implement policyGuide to the ABCs of State Heart Disease and Stroke Policymaking, 2006ReportMathematica Policy Research, Inc. and CDCThis guide serves as a primer on advocacy within the state legislative process. It includes suggestions on developing, implementing, and evaluating policy at the state level. It was developed for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention programs, but the processes described will work for all programs.
Advocacy vs. lobbying
State employee role
Frequently Asked QuestionsWebsiteNACDDTwo frequently asked questions from state health department staff are answered.
Advocacy and lobbyingExamples of advocacy versus lobbying activities, 2009Case study HandoutAmerican Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Council Advocacy CommitteeExercise can be completed individually or with a group. This handout was prepared for a 2009 training and allows for discussion among participants. CDC Anti-Lobbying Policy.
CDC Anti-Lobbying PolicyCDC Anti-Lobbying PolicyDocumentCDCThis document discusses language included in the FY 12 Consolidated Appropriations act and reinforces how CDC funds can and cannot be used with respect to policy and lobbying.
Individual and Organizational rules about lobbying with Federal fundsWorkplace Rules and Guidelines for Public Health AdvocatesDocumentAmerican Public Health AssociationThis document starts with the sentence democracy is not a spectator sport and discusses how individuals, no matter their employer, organizations can get involved in the policy-making process.