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  • Sample state fact sheets and reports
  • NACDD Arthritis fact sheets
  • Implementing a Diabetes Day at the legislature
  • Sample Resolutions
  • Media
Media guidanceAPHA Media Advocacy ManualDocumentAmerican Public Health AssociationThis 14-page document provides strategies for planning media messages, creating a media list, and things to do before contacting the media. It provides ideas for constructing effective news releases, letters to the editor, and opinion-editorial (op-ed) pieces. It also provides tips for arranging an editorial board meeting and preparing for television and radio interviews.
Sample fact sheetsAlchohol
Physical Activity
Fact SheetNorth Dakota Department of HealthThis is a series of two-page fact sheet that provides information on the population most at risk for specific chronic disease and risk factors, percentage of North Dakotans who meet guidelines or at risk, progress toward meeting Healthy People 2010 objectives, and strategies for improving behaviors and reducing North Dakotans with chronic diseases.
Arthritis Fact SheetsSample Fact Sheet Template
Sample Data Fact Sheet
Template Guidance Document for Preparing State Fact Sheets
Fact SheetsNACDDTwo documents, a two-page and a four-page version, provides a template for a fact sheet highlighting key information about the burden of arthritis in a state. This fact sheet focuses on arthritis but the format and content can be modified and used for any chronic condition. Components include a definition of the condition, risk factors, characteristics of the population with the condition, costs, and effective treatments. It also provides a paragraph to describe the chronic disease program (e.g., its mission, activities, and contact information). The four-page document provides a reader-friendly format for presenting data that describes the burden of a chronic condition at the state level. Templates for charts for state prevalence, prevalence by age, gender, education, household income, BMI, and physical activity are included. The guidance document provides detailed instructions and methods for using the two state fact sheet templates.
Heart Disease and Stroke PolicyGuide to the ABCs of State Heart Disease and Stroke Policy Making, 2006Policy ReportCenters for Disease Prevention and ControlThis report describes policies related to heart disease and stroke prevention and control in Minnesota. This is the summary report of a scan of Minnesota legislation and other public policies current through December 2006. The document also contains information about the different types of policies, and guidance in approaching the issue of policy development.
Heart Disease and Stroke Policy initiatives in MNMN Heart Disease and Stroke Policy in MN Report Preparation, 2007PowerPoint PresentationMinnesota Department of HealthThis presentation describes the methods used to inventory heart disease and stroke prevention related policies in the state of Minnesota and in the preparation of the Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Policy Report.
Sample resolutionColorado Diabetes Alert Day Resolution, 2006.ResolutionPartnersThe burden of diabetes in Colorado is highlighted in this single-page document put forth by the Colorado Board of Health. The resolution urges support for Diabetes Alert from health care providers and public health programs.
Sample resolution2008 Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease Caucus Resolution (Iowa)ResolutionsPartnersThis one-page document is an example of a caucus resolution urging public officials to support policies around a chronic disease and make it a major issue in the next election. It provides data to support the need and lists public policies supported by the partnership.
Diabetes Day Implementation materialsChecklist
Promotional Flyer
Registration Form
Confirmation Mailing
Kentucky Diabetes Fact Sheet, 2007
Diabetes Messages for Legislators
Great Comebacks for Special Situations
HandoutsKentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control ProgramDiabetes Day – Kentucky Diabetes Prevention and Control Program. The sample documents provide materials that states and partners can adapt to promote and manage a diabetes day at the capitol event. Package contains document to cover all aspects of a day including flyer promoting event, an invitation letter, registration form, agenda, fact sheet, and talking points for communicating with legislators.
Success StoriesNACDD Success StoriesSuccess StoriesState Health Departments Chronic Disease ProgramsNACDD supports state health departments and works with partners in promoting programs to improve the health of communities and reduce the burden of chronic disease across the U.S. The resulting success stories educate policymakers about programs that work, show decision-makers that funds are well spent, support NACDD policy and communications efforts and serve as program examples for other states.

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