Training and Technical Assistance

What's Coming Up in June

NTAP Monthly Webinar Series  (Required) Getting Started in the Food System: Building Sustainable and Equitable Partnerships
June 23, 2:00-3:30 PM ET
* State and Community Partners welcome

BRIC Peer Exchange Session (Optional) Food Systems, Continuing the Conversation
July 7, 2:00-3:15 PM ET | SAVE THE DATE

BRIC Training & TA Calendar

Office Hours with NTAP  (Optional, all times ET)

June 16: Health Equity, 12-1 PM
June 21: Health Equity, 4-5 PM
June 24: Social Connectedness, 1-2 PM
June 25: Nutrition Security, 2-4 PM 
June 28: Nutrition Security, 1-3  PM 

Past Trainings and Webinars

BRIC All States Monthly Meetings
Apr 13 Recording (Passcode:c05?d$c^)
May 11 Recording

NTAP Monthly Webinars

May 26: Webinar Recording (Passcode: N#5n!mjj)
Strategies for Socially Connected Communities
Presenters: Risa Wilkerson and Phil Bors, Healthy Places by Design; Patrick Hendry, Mental Health America; Oswaldo Mestre, City of Buffalo
Resources Shared | Slide D

Apr 28: Webinar Recording (Passcode: $TnE7r+K)
Achieving Nutrition Security through the Charitable Food Network while centering health equity and navigating COVID-19
Presenters: Dr. Angela Odoms-Young, University of Illinois at Chicago, Jadi Romero, Feeding America, Rachel Koay, Feeding Texas and Nicole Robinson, Greater Chicago Food Depository

March 24: Webinar Recording (Passcode: oM5&q889): Centering Race in Decision Making. Presenters: Leavitt Partners and Charles Brown, Equitable Cities

State Action Plan TA and Support Meetings

March 10: BRIC State Action Plan and Health Equity Guidance Webinar Recording (passcode:55.hcvbN)

FLITE Session Recordings and PPTs – Feb 19-23
Feb 19: NY, OH, HI, UT
Feb 22(passcode:j9f^gei!): MS, AR, SC, NC
Feb 23 (1-3PM, passcode:VyeZ=0VG ): MO, PA, CT, MN
Feb 23 (3-5PM, passcode:4LX^n7Sy): TX, AK, WV, IL
Feb 26 (passcode:qA%wc5Qt): LA, KY, CO, WA

BRIC Program Kickoff Workshop – Jan 19-21, 2021 | Agenda
January 19 Introductions/Welcome, Health Equity, Physical Activity Access
January 20 Social Connectedness
January 21 Nutrition Security, Health Equity Revisited, Closing Remarks

BRIC Scope of Work Training – Dec 15, 2020 – Recording

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