State Health Departments Learn to Use GIS to Improve Blood Pressure Medication Adherence

In February 2018, Idaho, New York, South Dakota, and Wisconsin participated in the 2018 Advanced Thematic GIS Training for State Health Departments: Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Address Blood Pressure Medication Adherence. Two representatives of each health department took part in a 10-day intensive GIS training, which included two days of in-person training at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Georgia, Maine, Michigan, and Vermont will participate in the second cohort in 2018. The training curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of state health departments working on blood pressure medication adherence as part of Domain 3: Healthcare system interventions. As a result of the project, participating states will use GIS to address the unique aspects of blood pressure medication adherence in their communities and follow an Identify-Assess-Act approach to using their maps to inform policies and programs, and to enhance partnerships. Products and lessons learned from the participating state health departments will be shared widely and posted to NACDD’s GIS webpage.

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