NACDD’s Cardiovascular and Diabetes Peer to Peer Program Thrives after more than 10

The Cardiovascular Network and Diabetes Council are proud to share that a record-high 58 learners, representing 33 states and DC, applied for the Peg Adams Peer to Peer Program running from January-December 2019. NACDD matched these learners with 12 volunteer guides from State Health Departments (SHD) who have at least two years of experience in either cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Guides are leading 12 teams (four cardiovascular, four diabetes and four epidemiology/evaluation) on specific topics for discussion and troubleshooting. Guides frequently report that they get at least as much out of the program as learners do. This year, two new guides are previous learners and one guide, Stephanie Poulin (Conn.), is returning for her third consecutive year. Guides and learners say that they establish lasting relationships from participating.

Peg Adams (1940-2009), the namesake for the program, was a veteran chronic disease manager from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and was a strong proponent of peer learning. She valued and practiced mentoring of new staff through individual outreach and conference calls. During national conferences, Peg frequently arranged breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings to get to know new SHD staff and help them feel a sense of community. It was easy to attach her name to the program and carry on the tradition of mentoring and providing a community environment for new SHD staff. The Diabetes Council’s Mentoring Workgroup leads the administration of the program.

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