State Health Departments Selected to Participate in 2019 State GIS Training for the Surveillance of Heart Disease, Stroke and Other Chronic Conditions

NACDD congratulates staff from the health departments of Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Texas for their selection as participants in Phase XI of the NACDD Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training for Surveillance of Heart Disease, Stroke, and Other Chronic Diseases in State Health Departments. These health departments will participate in one virtual and two in-person GIS trainings at Rice University in Houston. The training curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of chronic disease prevention programs in State Health Departments. The Chronic Disease Directors from these states will also participate in a peer group meeting at Rice University and four monthly calls focused on enhancing and sustaining GIS capacity for heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

GIS are computer-based systems that allow users to analyze and display geographically referenced data. The use of GIS-based technologies is common in the fields of infectious disease and environmental epidemiology, but many chronic disease prevention units are working to build or expand their GIS capacity and infrastructure. Participating health departments will make use of GIS and maps to address four impact areas: 1) document geographic disparities; 2) inform policy and program decisions; 3) enhance partnerships with external agencies; and 4) facilitate collaboration within agencies. With the use of GIS, State Health Departments can produce maps and data reports that are accessible, clear, and effective in communicating the needs for the prevention and management of heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases.

NACDD will also be issuing a Request for Applications for a GIS and Translation/Dissemination opportunity for State Health Departments. This opportunity will include a one-day on-site workshop for each selected State Health Department, along with other activities.

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