PRESS RELEASE: “Socially Determined: Moving Public Health to 3.0” Podcast Series Now Available

“Socially Determined: Moving Public Health to 3.0″
Podcast Series Shares Practical Examples to Address the Social Causes of Chronic Disease

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ATLANTA (Feb. 20, 2020) – The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and 2018-2019 Board President Dr. Gabriel Kaplan have released a series of 10 professional learning podcasts titled “Socially Determined: Moving Public Health to 3.0.” The series shares practical examples of how NACDD’s Members in state, federal, nonprofit, and private chronic disease prevention fields can engage with a variety of non-traditional partners and industries to address the social factors influencing health disparities and communities’ chronic disease burden.

The goal has been to demonstrate to NACDD’s 7,000 Members how public health can disrupt the economic, racial, social, and political injustices and biases that result in some populations’ increased risk for chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. 

“It’s hard to persuade someone to stop smoking if their time horizon is limited to putting food on the table this week, paying the gas bill this month, or making sure they can find a safe place to sleep tomorrow,” said Dr. Kaplan. “NACDD can serve as a national leader to the public health community on the ways that we can address the social determinants of health in our work.”

Throughout the series, terms such as the “social determinants of health,” “health equity,” and “adverse childhood experiences” are explored through interviews with several national leaders from the state and nonprofit sectors, including: Dr. Karen DeSalvo, who coined the term Public Health 3.0; Dr. Anthony Iton from the California Endowment, whose work in Alameda County pioneered national understanding of the role of place and discrimination in creating health inequities; and other experts from the Brookings Institution, the Build Healthy Places Network, George Mason University, and several state officials (Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, and Rhode Island).

“We have seen a growing commitment by the workers in our field to addressing these social causes more consistently in their work, and our goal is to help them better understand how they can do this in their regular work activities,” said Dr. Kaplan.

The full episode list, available for download at NACDD’s website,, and on SoundCloud includes:

Dr. Kaplan, now Board Past President, plans a second season for Socially Determined, with topics and guests to be announced in the coming months. 

“Dr. Kaplan has spent more than a year facilitating national discussion on the social determinants of health at our Chronic Disease Academy, thought-leader roundtables, and through other venues to help our Members be even more impactful in their work,” said John W. Robitscher, MPH, NACDD’s CEO. “We are excited to share these podcasts as a capstone of Dr. Kaplan’s work and encourage our Members to share them among their teams to discover how these podcasts can influence their programming.”

To read more about Dr. Kaplan’s 2019 Board President’s Challenge on the social determinants of health and to review other related resources, visit:


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