CVH Council

Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Council

The CVH Team provides peer-to-peer support to State Health Departments for cardiovascular disease prevention and management through the following initiatives:

The CVH Council, with support from the NACDD CVH team, is a virtual network of all CDC-funded state and local partners and their contractors addressing cardiovascular disease prevention and management. 

The CVH Council supports training, identifies learning opportunities, and facilitates meaningful connections among state and local health departments. The Council also provides the cardiovascular health perspective to other NACDD councils, CDC leadership, and national partners. 

The Value of the CVH Council

NACDD Cardiovascular Health Council Overview

What is the Cardiovascular Health Council? 

What value does the Cardiovascular Health Council bring to its members? 

Why did you join the Cardiovascular Health Council? 

How does the Cardiovascular Health Council help you with your workload? 

How has the Cardiovascular Health Council add value to your work? 

CVH Area Network 

NACDD launched the CVH Area Network (CAN) in January 2021 to build connections within eight geographic areas. Quarterly calls are held to facilitate sharing of promising ideas and state-developed resources among those working on heart disease and stroke prevention strategies. These calls happen quarterly and are led by peer liaisons to support sharing successes, opportunities, challenges, and resources, with an emphasis on program implementation. 

Evaluation Peer Network 

The Evaluation Peer Network (EPN) is comprised of evaluator and epidemiologists involved in programs funded by CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Division of Diabetes Translation. The EPN meets bimonthly and discusses issues related to methodology, reporting, and dissemination of data and evaluation results.

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