National Diabetes Prevention Program State Engagement Model

To help expand the National DPP, NACDD and CDC collaborated to develop a partner engagement approach, called the “NACDD/CDC State Engagement Model” (model). The primary purpose of the model (see graphic) is to engage stakeholders to commit to collective action. The model generates coordinated activities among diverse stakeholders, rather than activities in silos. A centerpiece activity, the State Engagement Meeting (StEM), brings together diverse stakeholders to raise awareness of prediabetes and the National DPP and to advance the prevention of type 2 diabetes. At the StEM, stakeholders partner with State Health Departments (SHDs) to develop an action plan that focuses on four complementary pillars of the National DPP: 1) Awareness, 2) Availability, 3) Coverage, and 4) Screening, Testing and Referral. NACDD provides technical assistance and supports SHDs as they finalize and implement the action plans. Since 2012, NACDD has worked individually with 35 states to apply the model. The following states have been selected for 2019: Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming.