Leading Through Change and Disruption with Professor Mark Lipton

Leading Through Change and Disruption with Mark Lipton

In this episode, Professor Mark Lipton of the New School joins us in a conversation about his soon-to-be published research on how leaders deal with change and disruption.  With the rise of disruptive technology and related platforms, the private sector has had to confront disruption in very immediate terms.  His work dives deep in to how leaders in these organizations are surviving and succeeding by facing ambiguity, handling continuous disruption and managing uncertainty.  We explore what looks to be emerging is a new model of handling and leading through change through five major leadership characteristics.

What does this have to do with public health?  Surprisingly, quite a bit. We cover areas that I suspect will resonate deeply within our community of public health practitioners, particularly in this moment national priorities and funding are in flux.  We cover the ideas of “micro-revolutions” and explore how innovation can co-exist side-by side with the imperatives of day-to-day business.  We talk about the importance of identifying boundaries of influence and considering carefully the “end-user experience.”  

Given Professor Lipton’s previous work in public health leadership development, he can translate this material to our benefit in ways that many in this field cannot.  I hope you learn something interesting, new and applicable from our conversation.  Thanks for listening to the Learn, Lead and Thrive podcast series!

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