What We’ve Learned from Each Other: NACDD Diabetes Community of Practice

The NACDD launched a time-limited community of practice (CoP) in November designed to help 1305 and 1422 grantees focus on the marketing and promotion of evidence-based interventions like theĀ DPPĀ and diabetes self-management education (DSME). Forty-five states and four 1422 large city grantees joined the conversation and many innovative ideas have been shared as a result. Using paid Google searches to drive healthcare providers to a website and promoting DPP through Pandora Radio advertisements are some of the strategies shared by grantees on CoP calls. States and cities also mentioned the use of national media opportunities likeĀ CBSā€™s HealthWatchĀ series on prediabetes and theĀ Ad Councilā€™s ā€œDo I have Prediabetesā€Ā campaign. Many states partner with chronic disease and social service programs like tobacco, cancer prevention and WIC to combine marketing efforts. Itā€™s not too late to join! The CoP groups meet for their final calls on February 27thĀ and 28th.Ā CoPs are made up of 1305 grantees and 1422 grantees, and also include large cities. Subawardees, contractors and external partners are not eligible to participate.Ā To learn more, contact Catherine McCann atĀ cmccann@chronicdisease.org.

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