The Center for Public Health Leadership’s New Chronic Disease Directors Orientation

During 2023, the Center for Public Health Leadership at NACDD hosted the New Chronic Disease Directors Orientation (January 2023 Cohort & August 2023 Cohort) and launched the Emerging Leaders Orientation (June 2023 Cohort & October 2023 Cohort), both serving leaders within chronic disease units. Ending 2023, a significant number of chronic disease unit leaders actively participated in the NACDD New Chronic Disease Directors Orientation and the NACDD Emerging Leaders Orientation.

The New Chronic Disease Directors Orientation aims to provide newly appointed Chronic Disease Directors with a national understanding of their roles and how NACDD is available to support Directors. The orientation covers module topics such as exploring the chronic disease landscape, CDC and health department structures, collaboration, and policy.

The launch of the Emerging Leaders Orientation reflects NACDD’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of emerging leaders in response to the 2022 Survey of States results/recommendations. The Emerging Leaders Orientation is specifically designed for chronic disease unit manager and leaders who display leadership potential and demonstrate a passion for making a positive impact in the field of chronic disease prevention. Through this orientation, emerging leaders gain valuable insights into national chronic disease strategies, policy opportunities, and networking enabling them to thrive in their respective roles.

NACDD encourages all Chronic Disease Unit leaders to actively participate in these orientations and take advantage of these professional growth opportunities tailored to chronic disease professionals. Engaging in these programs not only enhances individual leadership skills but also fosters a stronger network within the national chronic disease prevention community. By sharing experiences, best practices, and lessons learned, leaders can collectively work towards improving public health outcomes nationwide.

In 2024, the Center for Public Health Leadership plans to host two cohorts of the New Chronic Disease Directors Orientations and two cohorts of the Emerging Leaders Orientations. By offering these opportunities at different times throughout the year, NACDD aims to accommodate the diverse schedules and needs of chronic disease unit leaders.

To learn more, contact Jason Brown or for information on upcoming opportunities.

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