REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Website Redesign & Development

Website Redesign & Development

Request for Proposal

This RFP is for redesign and development services for the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) site

RFP Sent: March 12, 2018

Responses Due: March 26, 2018

Send any questions on the RFP to: Scott Reid, Web Managing Editor;

Send proposals to: Scott Reid, Web Managing Editor;

Budget for new website: $26,000 ($5,000 for content refresh; $21,000 for coding and development)

Goal for new website launch: June 15, 2018

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors Overview

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors improves the health of the public by strengthening state-based leadership and expertise for chronic disease prevention and control in states and at the national level. Founded in 1988, NACDD aims to lead and influence the ways that chronic disease prevention and health promotion shapes the health landscape.

Our Audience

NACDD’s primary audience is its more than 6,500 Members, who include state and territorial health department staff working on chronic disease programs as well as federal employees, nonprofit, academic, and private industry professionals who participate in chronic disease prevention, control, and health promotion.

Our secondary audience are current and potential partners and sponsors of our more than 100 programs and initiatives implementing national evidence-based practices in chronic disease and workforce development to the state and territorial level.

Our third most important audience is the general public, who may find themselves interested in the work of public health professionals in the chronic disease field, or how a particular program that may coincide with their own health concerns is being addressed outside of the federal government.

Website Redesign and Development Objectives

Our website’s number one objective is to redesign our front-end to clearly communicate NACDD’s mission, vision, and work and to implement best practices for user experience, aesthetics, and navigability.

Our second objective is to revise our content for our landing pages so that they provide engaging discussions of our work and calls to action that help guide our visitors to the content that they are seeking.

Our third objective is to improve searchability within the platform for documents and pages.

Current Status of Website

Our website,,  is approximately 6 years old and due for an update in design and usability. We would like to bring the site more in line with our current brand standards and make the navigation and searchability more intuitive. We also have more than 900 pages of content that have been audited and need to be archived or updated per the audit plan. Some new landing pages will need to be created to provide greater background on the work being done or the purpose of various sections.


A successful proposal may include bids for both the design and content preparation for the website, or either design or content creation separately. Proposals should specify¬† whether it addresses both elements or one individually. Disbursed funds are federal grant funds so contracted bidder must be in “good standing”

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