Pilot States Use the Institutional Equity Tool to Examine Organizational Policies

The Moving to Institutional Equity: A Tool to Address Racial Equity for Public Health Practitioners was developed by NACDD’s Health Equity Council to identify policies that have resulted in unintended or negative socio-economic and health outcomes for women and minorities. The tool takes users through four worksheets designed to guide user in:

·      assessing if the policy or procedure is written and implemented in a way that is inclusive and allows for diversity;

 ·      determining if and where there are opportunities/decision points to ensure the policy or procedure is inclusive and promotes diversity, thereby avoiding structural inequalities;

·      identifying action steps to modify the policy or procedure and to implement new steps to ensure diversity and inclusion; and

·      vetting the plan/policy with an Equity Crosscheck.

A recent pilot of the institutional equity tool among participating states resulted in states analyzing organizational health equity policies, developing organizational health equity training modules, revising hiring and promotion policies, and applying the tool to program planning and assessment procedures. For more information about the Moving to Institutional Equity tool, please contact Louise Square or Robyn Taylor.

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