Power Tools Podcast Series

Welcome to NACDD’s Power Tools Podcast!

Power Tools is a series of hosted interviews by NACDD’s Director of Program John Patton with vetted private-industry partners whose products and services act as “tools” that add exponential “power” to the work of public health practitioners.

John interviews companies that NACDD has worked with to support public health interventions over the years, from software developers to media giants. Each episode selects private companies that address pain-points in public health, from increasing awareness to improving physician referrals to presenting data visually.

Join us to discover tools that add power to your work — and always pass along partners that you have found that could be of value to others. We’d love to talk with them!

John Patton – jpatton@chronicdisease.org

Power Tools #1 — CBS: Beyond Broadcasting

Michael Kotnaur – Marketing Manager, CBS Chicago (WBBM-TV)
Matt Naber – Director of National Digital Sales