Leslie Best

Leslie Best, BSW

Alzheimers, Cancer, Lupus

Leslie Best is the lead consultant for many programs and initiatives at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. She joined NACDD in 2012 and has since developed major projects including the National Public Health Agenda for Lupus, recommendations for cancer prevention during early and later adulthood, and standardization of laboratory measurements of chronic disease biomarkers. She has also managed two community-based grants in strategic planning, data collection, and education for the American College of Rheumatology.

Leslie’s consulting experience includes assistance with strategic planning for the Mississippi Public Health Institute, a technical adviser on public health data sources and prevention strategies, a writer and strategic planner for grants at Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania, and an adviser for the Brown School at Washington University.

Prior to her current roles, Leslie had more than 35 years of experience n health and human services, including nine years as the Chronic Disease Director for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. She also served as NACDD Board President in 2011.

Leslie has contributed to multiple publications on chronic disease, including: “Management Practices to Build Evidence-Based Decision-Making Capacity for Chronic Disease Prevention in Georgia: A Case Study” and “Perceived Benefits and Challenges of Coordinated Approaches to Chronic Disease Prevention in State Health Departments.” She also was a contributor to the Cancer Prevention During Early Adulthood Writing Group for a supplement published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and Cancer Prevention During Older Adulthood as a supplement published in the Gerontologist.

Leslie received her bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare from Pennsylvania State University.