Evaluation Peer Network

Evaluation Peer Network


The Evaluation Peer Network is comprised of evaluators involved in programs sponsored by CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, including 1815/1817, WISEWOMAN, and the Paul Coverdell Acute Stroke Program, as well as 1815/1817 Category A evaluation sponsored by CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. The purpose of this group:

  1. To provide evaluators with a community for exchanging tips and best practices.
  2. To improve evaluation capacity among CDC-funded recipients by enhancing opportunities for networking, information exchange, peer to peer mentoring, and training among evaluators.
  3. To support improved coordination between program staff and evaluation staff working in CDC-funded projects.


The CDC Divisions for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Diabetes Translation, the recipient / network members, and NACDD will each have a role in the Evaluation Peer Network.  As the Evaluation Peer Network is by definition a peer sharing group, NACDD will assume the primary role of recruiting and convening evaluators, working with the leaders of the peer network and coordinating communications and meetings between the Network and CDC.


  • Convene Evaluation Peer Network – work with leads to plan the agendas, facilitate conversation, ensure discussion remains productive, take notes
  • Develop summaries of peer network calls to share with CDC
  • Meet regularly with Evaluation Peer Network recipient co-leads to plan calls
    • Meet regularly with CDC Evaluation Team, share possible training / technical assistance needs that may have come up during peer networking calls

Recipient / Network Members

  • Identify topics for peer networking opportunities
  • Attend Evaluation Peer Network meetings as available
  • Recipient co-leads meet as needed with CDC Evaluation Team to discuss themes from peer networking calls


  • Meet regularly with NACDD CVH Team
  • Meet as needed with Evaluation Peer Network recipient co-leads to discuss themes from peer networking calls
  • Review summaries shared by NACDD of the peer networking calls
  • Connect with Epi/Surveillance colleagues at CDC as appropriate when suggestions and needs arise from the recipients

For more information about the Evaluation Peer Network, including when the calls will be held, contact healthsystems@chronicdisease.org.

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