NACDD Action on Biomarkers

A thumbnail of the cover the Biomarkers pdfNACDD collaborates with CDC, the Endocrine Society, and PATH in a partnership to improve the quality of laboratory measurements for chronic disease biomarkers. The strategic plan advocates for the universal adoption of accuracy-based testing in medical practice and research to advance the development of standardized chronic disease biomarker tests. As a result, NACDD has created a detailed brochure explaining how clinical standardization can improve the diagnosis, detection, and treatment of chronic diseases.

NACDD has also worked with CDC’s Division of Laboratory Sciences and its National Center for Environmental Health to manage and co-chair the Cardiovascular Biomarker Standardization Steering Committee and develop translation documents in response to the first and second National Report on Biochemical Indicators of Diet and Nutrition in the U.S. Population. The biochemical indicators reports provide reference intervals for selected nutritional indicators in the U.S. population, and our translation responses help to integrate the findings into public health practice for prevention and control of chronic disease.

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Read the 2019-2023 PATH Communications Plan.
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Read the 2019-2023 PATH Strategic Plan.