Improving Patient Care Through Standardized Testing

Jan. 2022

NACDD is collaborating with the CDC’s Clinical Standardization Programs, the Endocrine Society, and the Partnership for the Accurate Testing of Hormones to improve patient care and public health by promoting the use of accurate and reliable laboratory measurements for chronic disease biomarkers in healthcare and research.

The project uses a multi-pronged approach, including working to increase the number of standardized laboratory assays available; educating physicians, payers, patients, policymakers, and laboratories to increase adoption of certified, standardized laboratory tests (e.g. CDC Hormone Standardization Programs); and fostering partnerships and collaboration to address data needs and advance the quality of laboratory tests.

Recent project highlights include:

  • Development of a four-part online course designed to educate endocrinologists on accurate hormone testing, available free of charge as part of the Endocrine Society’s Center for Learning
  • Planning for a broader communications campaign and Congressional educational briefing to increase awareness and understanding of key actions to increase the use of standardized assays
  • Presentations at conferences and webinars, including a webinar held by Avalon Healthcare Systems, a laboratory benefits manager serving multiple insurance companies, to educate clinicians and health systems administrators on the importance of using standardized assays

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