Highlights From The State Health Department Peer Sharing Discussions

New CVH Area Network (CAN) Call Topic Summaries

Three Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Area Network (CAN) Call Topic Summaries are available on NACDD’s CVH page, featuring highlights from State Health Department (SHD) peer sharing discussions. CANs launched in January 2021 with the goal to build connections among SHDs. Quarterly calls led by peer liaisons are held to facilitate sharing of promising ideas and state-developed resources among those working on CDC-funded 1815 and 1817 Category B strategies. In 2022, quarterly calls were held to increase state-to-state connections and to encourage rich topic discussions. The newly published Call Topic Summaries serve as a resource to those interested in diving deeper into community pharmacy engagement, adoption and utilization of electronic health records, or self-measured blood pressure sustainability.

The following call topic summaries are now available:

Community Pharmacy Engagement
Discussion highlights: Embedding pharmacists in clinical settings has demonstrated return on investment to some health systems. This discussion included strategies that states have employed to recruit and engage pharmacies to play a role in chronic disease management. Services that pharmacies have implemented or expanded as a result of partnerships with State Health Departments were shared, along with pharmacy-related data collection and utilization efforts.

Adoption and Utilization of Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Discussion highlights: States shared how they have supported EHR data utilization, highlighting successes and promising practices such as social determinants screening and quality improvement approaches, as well as challenges and ways to mitigate them.

Self Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Sustainability
Discussion highlights: Successful elements of SMBP programming at the state level and among sub-recipients, and partnerships that have been helpful in promoting or operating SMBP programs were discussed.

Please visit the CVH Area Network page to learn more.

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