Free Access to Fundamental Learning Collaborative for the Cancer Surveillance Community

January 2021

Authors: Jill MacKinnon, PhD (FL Cancer Data System); Gary Levin, CTR (FL Cancer Data System); and Natasha McCoy, MPH (NACDD)
CDC has funded NACDD and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) to provide free access to the Fundamental Learning Collaborative for the Cancer Surveillance Community (FLccSC) learning management system and help desk services until Jan. 31, 2022.
The CDC Division of Cancer Prevention and Control funds the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) Public Health Infrastructure Support Project to increase awareness, dissemination, and use of an existing learning management platform created for NPCR central cancer registries. NACDD has partnered with the Florida Cancer Data System, a division of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry to provide free access–a value of $2,000 – $4,000 per year (based on number of users) and technical support. FLccSC was developed collaboratively by the CDC/NPCR, the Florida Cancer Data System and the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry.  
FLccSC is a 24/7 web-based, educational, collaborative portal allowing NPCR Central Cancer Registries (CCR) or other entities to customize a fully functioning state-specific learning management system. 
FLccSC provides the ability to:

  • host courses, 
  • present or share webinars, 
  • share tools,
  • administer pre- and post-tests, and 
  • deploy web-based evaluations.

A site administrator from each state can develop and maintain their own state-specific educational platform using original content or content shared by other states. Each CCR learning management system appears as a stand-alone customized platform, having CCR-specific URL’s, logos, and branding. The CCR site administrator manages the CCR-specific site through a web-based back end, and the students interact with the web-based LMS front end. The CCR site administrator can access the full functionality of their FLccSC learning management system, enabling them to manage and customize the home page, educational modules/quizzes, videos, PDFs, and management reports. 
Education can be shared with other FLccSC member CCR’s by making the course material publicly available to the membership. As students complete any associated exams or survey tools, the FLccSC system can provide immediate feedback to the individual (quiz score) and collective data to instructors/CCR administrators. Instructors/administrators can then use this information to assess the student’s topic-specific knowledge. Additionally, many of courses have been approved by the National Cancer Registrars Association for CEU credits. FLccSC is a cost-efficient workforce training method as students do not have to travel to a central training site or purchase training materials. 
FLccSC is scalable to allow a CCR to deploy as many educational modules as desired. Students access FLccSC from a link on each states CCR’s home page. Once registered and logged in, the student will only see the registered state’s respective learning management system’s pages and content. View the login page for an existing state specific FLccCS site (Texas Cancer Registry).  
NPCR CCRs can use the system to provide students with a certificate of completion and continuing education units (CEU), where applicable, after they have successfully completed an education module. 
State specific site administrators receive: help desk assistance for technical support; access to an educational site, FLccSC for Site Administrators, providing step-by-step education on how to maintain educational content; and are invited to participate in monthly FLccSC Advisory Group meetings to discuss user needs. Monthly meetings also are used to discuss continued operations.
As of Dec. 31, 2020, FLccSC system users include 42 CCRs and the CDC National Program of Cancer Registries. FLccSC Administrators observed counts of 4,368 students (CCR employees) and 16,229 course enrollments.
Central cancer registries that have completed the enrollment and onboarding process are encouraged to revisit their respective state-specific sites to upload, use, and share content. 
FLccSC was developed collaboratively by the CDC/NPCR, the Florida Cancer Data System and the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry. 

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