August 2017 Impact Brief


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Affirming Our Values – NACDD Statement on the Tie Between Racism and Public Well-Being

As public health practitioners, we work to improve the health of all U.S. residents, regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities. The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors’ core values reflect our focus on furthering social justice in every state and territory by valuing cultural competency and the promotion of equal opportunity for health for everyone in our communities.

Without question, the recent racially motivated and hate-filled events, specifically the violence in Charlottesville, V.A. on Aug. 12 has disturbed and saddened us, particularly due to the loss of life, the injuries, and the emotional trauma that victims experienced.

We acknowledge that overt racism over centuries in this country has led to the institutionalization of racist practices, beliefs, and biases among some public and private public health organizations. Many of these organizations are unaware that these biases impede their own efforts to effectively reach and help those priority groups who are routinely and systematically discriminated against because of their race and ethnicity.

As an organization, we reaffirm our strong commitment to and partnership with all priority groups, including minorities, to remove institutional racism and to challenge the thinking of those who seek to perpetuate its existence.

Working together, we continue to aim to reduce the racial disparities in health that cause preventable suffering, sickness, and premature death.


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