Program Evaluation

Leading the Way in Measuring Our Success

To increase efficient data collection and reporting, NACDD developed a new Performance Measurement and Evaluation System (PMES) using cloud-based technology. PMES provides a comprehensive and centralized electronic data collection center to house systematically gathered data across all NACDD-funded projects and programs.

This system allows NACDD stronger monitoring of program success and rapid reporting to Members and funders.Through this dynamic tool, we also are able to provide more descriptive attributes of NACDD programs to invested stakeholders, document current progress, and monitor quality improvement.

Because PMES was designed and created to use the Caspio cloud-based platform, it readily collects data bimonthly for more than 180 variables across 40 plus OSTLTS-funded programs. These data are then migrated to our MS Access database, which currently houses all relevant information including program activities, objectives, performance measures, outcomes, and outputs related to OSTLTS and CORE programs. Its built-in automation process for forms, queries, and reports increases productivity and accuracy for both the input and output processes

Through this extensive databank of information, we can closely measure the impact of specific programs and monitor progress over time.

Thanks to the efficiencies created by PMES, NACDD is witnessing reduced time spent on collection and submitting data from program staff so that more time can be devoted to critical local objectives. It also provides a more reliable source for exporting the most relevant data points for analysis by program directors, the Board of Directors, and NACDD Members, providing the resources needed to continue the advancement of NACDD programs across our current and expanding territories.

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