Arthritis New Member Orientation Guide

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New Member Orientation Guide

As a new staff person in your State Health Department’s arthritis program or AID project, this orientation is meant to introduce you to the work of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) Arthritis Council. We want your input and invite you to schedule a welcome call with a member of the Arthritis Council or contact Heather Murphy, the NACDD Arthritis Council consultant.

Why get involved?

  • Opportunities for networking through monthly calls – topic calls – items of interest and what other programs/councils are doing in those areas
  • Specific workgroups like the National Program Locators workgroup
  • Develop public health skills through competency building opportunities like the Chronic Disease Academy, NACDD General Member calls, and the Arthritis Grantee Meeting
  • Develop and nurture personal connections with other state arthritis program personnel.

It’s because of your work and your energy that arthritis has a place in public health within your state. The Arthritis Council continually reminds you of that and how vitally important you are in the fight against arthritis and its debilitating effects.

When you’re a part of the Arthritis Council, you are working in collaboration with like-minded others in the areas of arthritis advocacy and policy work as well as program integration efforts.


The Arthritis Council’s primary objectives are to:

  • Represent state health department arthritis programs and related issues and concerns within NACDD.
  • Link state/territorial/tribal program directors/coordinators, and others in a national forum to act collectively in the promotion of Arthritis health.
  • Exchange ideas, strategies, materials, and policies and procedures to improve and enhance comprehensive public health programs/policies for Arthritis diseases and their risk factors.
  • Advocate for legislation, policies and programs to reduce the burden of Arthritis diseases and their risk factors.
  • Provide comments and recommendations to federal agencies and the membership on issues for which comment has been solicited or for which the Council feels comments are required.
  • Offer leadership and develop partnerships with affiliates, private and public associations and industry to catalyze promotion of Arthritis health.

Getting Started

  • Meet the Arthritis Council leadership. The Arthritis Council leadership consists of a Chair, Chair-elect, four Members-at-Large. All of whom are elected annually by voting members of the council. There are also ex-officio members appointed by the Chair to serve on the Steering Committee.
  • Arthritis Council meeting schedules. Get involved with General Member Calls which are every first Tuesday of the month from 2-3pm ET.
  • Arthritis Council accomplishments. A compilation of progress reports, tools, forms, and success stories related to state health departments arthritis activities. This can be found on the Arthritis Council webpages. Included there is a 2005 Comprehensive Site Visit Report and recommendations on the then state arthritis program components. This report provides today’s reader with insight into the history of the state arthritis programs.
  • Schedule a welcome call with one of the Council members!
  • Visit the Arthritis Council Webpage
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Arthritis Council
  • Glossary of common Arthritis-specific Terms

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