What is Available in the Community Health Worker (CHW) Document Resource Center?

The CDC has funded decades of work to support the engagement of CHWs and was strategic in leading efforts to identify relevant resources to advance the CHW workforce and enhance health equity. NACDD, a leader in growing state capacity to address upstream factors, also has an interest in assessing the current CHW landscape. In 2020, CDC funded the National Association of Community Health workers (NACHW) and NACDD to develop the CHW Document Resource Center (Center).

The Center is the nation’s largest searchable collection of documents on policies pertaining to CHWs, primarily at the state level. It containsmore than 800 documents from most of the 50 states on their processes for developing policies such as CHW certification, and workforce development initiatives for CHWs. 

The documents selected do not represent any particular point of view. Rather, the collection has documents on the processes and experience of state and local-level groups as well as the reports resulting from those processes. For example, there are reports, policy studies, brochures, state legislative bills, and other materials that show how state-level groups have created definitions, policies and workforce development programs for CHWs. Some documents show the results of these efforts. Most documents focus on a single state’s efforts though some capture multi-state and national resources.

While there are many resources that support CHWs, the Center is not a resource for individual CHWs looking for tools to inform or improve their practice. It is most useful for the following: 
·      State government officials
·      CHW leaders
·      Current and potential employers and payers for CHWs
·      Other individuals and stakeholder organizations involved in advancing and/or considering policies on CHWs.  

To visit the Center go to nachw.org/chw-document-resource-center.  

To access CDC CHW resources visit the CDC CHW Resources Gateway at cdc.gov/publichealthgateway/chw/index.html.

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