The Color of Law Presentation and Q&A with Richard Rothstein

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A Note from Richard Rothstein with Additional Resources from the Webinar

“In the discussion, there was a request for more information about curriculum reform and taking local action to spur it. As I said in our meeting, if the next generation doesn’t learn this history any better than present generations have done, it will be in as poor a position to remedy it as we have been.

You may find this material useful that The New Movement to Redress Racial Segregation (links to a Google Form to sign up) is distributing for high school teachers, because all of your NACCD colleagues live in school districts that can be pressed to teach the history of racial injustice more accurately.

Other racial justice groups have such material as well:

I also discussed policies that are seemingly race neutral but which have “disparate impact” on African Americans.

Here is an article I wrote about these policies:

The article is a bit dated, but the examples it gives “race neutral” policies that today continue to reinforce segregation remain relevant.

In particular, it discusses how property assessment systems that I discussed in the webinar, systems that are frequently discriminatory in effect, and should be addressed. In this article I discussed Syracuse as an example, as I discussed in our webinar. But the same is true in many, many cities and counties.

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