Collecting Data for Better Delivery of Evidence-Based Programs

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Submission Date: December 2010

State/Territory Submitted on the Behalf of: Missouri

States/Territories Involved: Missouri

Domain Addressed:

Epidemiology and Surveillance

Public Health Issue:

  • Good public health practice requires collection and assessment of program data for the purpose of evaluating effectiveness and reach of program activities.
  • State arthritis programs funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are also required to track data on many aspects of the delivery of the evidence-based programs they implement, including the number of delivery systems, courses, sites, leaders, trainers, participants, and so on.
  • The Missouri Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program has seven state-wide contractors and their regional partners who implement courses and submit data in paper reports that are then compiled by hand in the central program office. Contractors often supply data sporadically or late making it difficult to evaluate the results of program activity.

Program Action:

  • The Missouri Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program developed a memorandum of agreement with the University of Missouri Information Systems to develop a web-based data system to track reach data and meet reporting requirements for the evidence-based arthritis programs.
  • Research conducted through University of Missouri Truman School of Public Affairs helped the program identify and streamline the data collection process for contractors.
  • The database is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reach Guidebook.


  • The Missouri Arthritis & Osteoporosis Program can now generate reports that meet important program reporting requirements in a timely and less time-consuming way.
  • Data reporting and reach numbers are more consistent and accurate.
  • The program has a better capability for tracking partner activities and for planning based on valid system information.

Program Areas:

Epidemiology and Surveillance

State Contact Information:

Beth Richards
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

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