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Using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model to Build Bridges and Break Down Silos

April 24, 2018
*Laura Rooney, Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Administrator, Ohio Department of Health
*Sara Harmon, Program Manager, Health and Physical Education, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
*Cindy Marten, Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District
*Kate McDevitt, Wellness Supervisor, San Diego Unified School District

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Example Potential Partners to Engage – State Level
Example Potential Partners to Engage – School District or School Level

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model: New Resources to Guide Implementation

September 21, 2017
* Rachelle Johnsson Chiang, MPH, DrPH, Senior Consultant for School Health, National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
* Lara Peck, MPH, Professional Development Consultant, RMC Health
* Jill Carter, EdM, MA, Senior Executive Director, Office of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness (SELWell) Policy and Operations, Health and Wellness Department 

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The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model: A Guide to Implementation
Boston Public Schools Annual Report of Implementation of Wellness Policy 2015-16
Boston Public Schools Essentials for Instructional Equity
Boston Public Schools Strategic Plan 2016-2021
Boston Public Schools SELWell Brochure
Boston Public Schools Wellness Policy Circular (Includes Evaluation Plan)

Moving Policy into Practice: Building School Wellness Policies to Expand Reach and Impact 

April 25, 2017
Co-hosted by NACDD and Alliance for a Healthier Generation
* Shannon Vogler, Healthy Schools and Communities National Advisor, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
* Jennifer Woolard, School Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist, Vermont Department of Health
* Heather Blume, Coordinator, Child Nutrition Programs, Idaho State Department of Education

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Strengthening Collaboration Between Schools and Hospitals in the Management of Chronic Conditions: Taking Hold of Opportunities

November 2, 2016 
* Amanda K. Martinez, Public Health Consultant, NACDD
* Anne De Biasi, Director of Policy Development, Trust for America’s Health
* Ann Connelly, Public Health Nurse Supervisor, School Nursing and Asthma Programs, Ohio Department of Health
* Dr. Marilyn Crumpton, Interim Health Commissioner, Cincinnati Health Department and Medical Director for Growing Well
* Dr. Mona Mansour, Director of Primary Care and School Health, Professor of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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Overview of the National Collaborative on Education and Health

Leveraging School Improvement Plans to Strengthen Health and Wellness

September 27, 2016 
* Rachelle Johnsson Chiang, MPH, Senior Consultant, NACDD
* Audra Walters, MHS, CHES, Director, Coordinated School Health, Arkansas Department of Education
* Jerri Clark, BS, Director, School Health Services, Arkansas Department of Education
* Amy Dyett, MAT, Director, Health and Wellness, Colorado Education Initiative

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Implementing the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model: Local School District Examples to Promote Learning and Health

March 15, 2016 
* Rachelle Johnsson Chiang, MPH, Senior Consultant, NACDD
* Dr. Jeremy Lyon, Superintendent, Frisco Independent School District 
* Dr. Sue Baldwin, District Wellness Coordinator, Buffalo Public Schools

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Managing Care for Students with Chronic Conditions: Examples of Shared Use of Electronic Health Records by Health Systems and Schools

February 18, 2016
* Amanda K. Martinez, Public Health Consultant, NACDD
* Freddi Adelson, School Nurse Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
* Margo Lalich, School Health Services Director, Multnomah Education Service District
* Claudia Kane, Population Health Specialist, III, Nemours Children’s Health System

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Introducing New Online Resource Guides to Create and Support a Healthy School Environment

September 10, 2015

* Amanda K. Martinez, Public Health Consultant, NACDD
* Elizabeth Foley, Program Manager, Medical Care Development Public Health
* Francesca Zavacky, Senior Program Manager, SHAPE America

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Connecting Chronic Health Conditions with School Attendance: Improving Data Collection and Use

March 17, 2015
* Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works
* Nancy Dube, President, National Association of State School Nurse Consultants
* Shirley Schantz, Director of Nursing Education, National Association of School Nurses
* Cheryl Duncan DePinto, Medical Director, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
* Zachary Faigen, Former Biosurveillance Epidemiologist, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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Reaching the Whole Child: New Opportunities for Integrating Health and Education in the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model

February 26, 2015Speakers:* Holly Hunt, MA, Chief, School Health Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
* Sean Slade, MEd, Director, Whole Child Programs, ASCD
* Laura Rooney, School and Adolescent Health, Ohio Department of Health 

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Tackling Health Related Barriers to Learning: State Approaches to Asthma Management in Schools

September 18, 2014
Cindy Greenberg, RN, BSN, MSN, NCSN, State School Nurse Consultant, Office of School and Adolescent Health,    New Mexico Department of Health 
* Jennifer Mane, MSW, Coordinator, Asthma Program, Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention, New York   State Department of Health

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Enhancing Diabetes Management in Schools: Policy, Protocol and Collaboration

May 30, 2014
Co-hosted by AAP and NACDD
* Henry Rodriguez, MD, Professor of Pediatrics at University of South Florida College of Medicine and Clinical          
   Director, University of South Florida Diabetes
* Anne H. Sheetz, RN, MPH, NEA-BC, Former State School Nurse Consultant and Director of School Health  
  Services (Retired), Massachusetts Department of Health
* Maryanne Quinn, MD, MPH, Assistant in Medicine, Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston
  Children’s Hospital Division of Endocrinology
* Toni B. Vento, MS, RN, NCSN, Director of Health Services, Medford Public School System

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from webinar

Process of Care Maps for Students
Summary of Additional Resources Related to Diabetes Management in Schools
Polk County School Diabetes Medical Management Plan
Recommended Policy and Protocol Components for Diabetes Management in Schools

Keys to Understanding State School Health Policy

January 30, 2014
Co-hosted by NACDD, NASBE and AAHPERD
* Natasha Frost, JD, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
As leaders across the country seek to improve student health, there is a growing need for tools to help navigate the complex world of school health policy. This webinar provides an overview of how school health policy works, detailing the hierarchy of state policies. A sort of “school health policy 101,” It addresses questions such as:
•What are the different ways state-level school health policies are adopted?
•What is the difference between legislation, regulations, state board policies and policy guidance? Why does it matter?
•Are all policies the same in terms of implementation and enforcement?

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How Schools Work Webinar

January 22, 2014
* Rachelle Chiang, MPH (NACDD) and Whitney Meagher, MSW (NASBE)

This webinar discusses the education sector’s priorities and perspectives and highlights some important strategies for successfully communicating with and working within them. It discusses the potential pitfalls to avoid when partnering with educators, and strategies for overcoming some of the challenges. If you are a public health professional who has tried to reach out to schools to partner around health, only to be met by a closed door or seeming lack of enthusiasm, or if you have encountered resistance and wondered why the education sector doesn’t seem to care more about student or staff health and well-being, this webinar will provide important information to guide your work going forward.

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Meet and Greet the School Health Branch

September 24, 2013

* Holly Hunt, MA, Branch Chief, School Health Branch, Division of Population Health, National Center for Chronic     
   Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
* Melissa A. Fahrenbruch, M.Ed, Team Lead, Program and Professional Development, School Health Branch
* Sarah Lee, PhD, Team Lead, Research Application and Evaluation , School Health Branch

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Colorado’s Effort to Develop a School Health Policy and Practice Data Collection System

June 18, 2013
* Amy Dillon, M.Ed, CHES, School Health Coordinator, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
* Amy Dyett, MAT, Director of Initiatives, Colorado Legacy Foundation
* Andrea Pulskamp, MPA, Manager of Initiatives, Colorado Legacy Foundation
* Brett Trani, MPA, Data and System Design Specialist, Colorado Department of Education

Rachelle Johnsson Chiang, MPH, School Health Consultant, NACDD
Whitney Meagher, MSW, Project Director, NASBE

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Working More Effectively with the Education Sector around School Health
May 23, 2013

* Amy Greene, MPH, MSSW, Consultant, School Health Project, NACDD
* Rachelle Johnsson Chiang, MPH, Consultant, School Health Project, NACDD
* Whitney Meagher, MSW, Project Director, National Association of State Boards of Education

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The Whole Child Initiative: Opportunites for State Health and Education Agencies

December 6, 2012
* Klea Scharberg, Program Manager,Whole Child Programs, ASCD 
* Rosemary Reilly-Chammat, HIV/AIDS/Sexuality Specialist, Rhode Island Department of Education (Formerly Adolescent Health Manager, Rhode Island Department of Health) 
* Betty Brito, Executive Director, Rhode Island ASCD 

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ASCD Whole Child Indicators
How A Whole Child Approach can Transform Education in Rhode Island
Comparison of ASCD Tool with School Health Index and Healthy Schools Inventory (CDC)

Thinking Outside of the Box: Building and Sustaining Coordinated School Health Agency Without Dedicated Funding

June 14, 2012 
* Brian Coyle, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
* Garry Schaedel, Vermont Department of Health

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Summary of Nebraska Pilot Schools Efforts

Summary of Nebraska Pilot Schools Achievements

Webinar on Integrating School Health into the School Improvement Planning Process

March 22, 2012
* Laura Rooney, Ohio Department of Health

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Healthier Students are Better Learners (Basch)
Healthy School Improvement Process Summary & Graph

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