School Health Council

School Health Council 

The NACDD School Health Council has had funding through CDC’s Division of Population Health for the purpose of assisting states and territories in integrating chronic disease risk reduction strategies, especially those that focus on physical activity, nutrition, and management of chronic health conditions in the school settings. NACDD works with active members of the School Health Council to implement its School Health project.

School Health Council Mission

To assist states and territories in reducing the risk of chronic disease in school communities.

School Health Council Goals 

  • Build capacity of chronic disease directors and their staff in state health departments to address chronic disease prevention in school settings, including physical activity and physical education, nutrition and management of chronic health conditions.
  • Foster partnerships among organizations and partner agencies in support of chronic disease prevention in school settings, especially partnerships among organizations in support of chronic disease prevention in school settings.
  • Educate decision makers about chronic diseases including the rationale for chronic disease prevention among youth.


Membership is open to school health staff from each state, territory, district, commonwealth, or tribal health department as determined by the Chronic Disease Director. In addition, membership is open to other staff who direct or work with chronic disease prevention and school health programs in partner agencies, such as the department of education. For more information about the School Health Council, contact Laura DeStigter at