MaryCatherine Jones

MaryCatherine Jones, MPH

Cancer, Cardiovascular Health

MaryCatherine grew up reading detective novels with fantasies of becoming one of the greatest sleuths of all times. This vision materialized into her early post-college career as she investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect and worked with law enforcement and the legal system to increase child safety and wellbeing.

After several years of working in this area, she completed her MPH at the University of Utah and launched her pursuit of the leading killer of US residents, heart disease and stroke. As an epidemiologist and evaluator, MaryCatherine worked with program staff, diverse data sources, and partners to understand the cause of cardiovascular diseases in Utah and to develop programs and activities to circumvent the wiles of this chronic disease.

After several years of collaborating with consultants across the country, MaryCatherine moved to the private sector and opened a consulting practice to lend her expertise and experience beyond state borders.

In her role at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, MaryCatherine leads several groups and projects that provide training, technical assistance, and peer exchange opportunities for chronic disease program staff, including epidemiologists and evaluators, to share resources, tips, tricks, and ideas for advancing their state work.

MaryCatherine lives in Tallahassee, Fla., with her husband and daughter. While she does not officially have pets, her front and back porches are shared with half a dozen green tree frogs and Pablo, a lizard.