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NACDD’s programs and activities focus on supporting the professional growth and development of state and territorial health officials. As we face an increasingly challenging public health landscape, NACDD is here to serve you so that you can best serve your community.

In-Person Professional Development

Many NACDD professional development opportunities are delivered using in-person sessions, with value and emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, networking, and having live interactions with facilitators and subject matter experts. 

Online Professional Development

Other NACDD skill-building professional development opportunities are delivered online using a learning management system. View available online courses and register to take them.

The following list highlights additional learning and professional development resources available to Members:

  • Check your Chronic Disease Competencies: All professional development activities at NACDD tie to the Chronic Disease Competencies (review a complete list of the competencies and available resources):  NACDD’s Chronic Disease Competencies Assessment Tool allows Members to identify their current level of proficiency in each of the competency areas. Members can use the tool to: establish a baseline of current skills in a new position; conduct periodic self-assessments to observe change; work with a manager to compare assessments; and develop IDPs to support ongoing progress and advancement.
  • Watch our General Member Webinars: Hear various educational topics presented monthly (January through November) in a one-hour call on the fourth Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. ET. Previous webinars are archived and have covered a wide variety of topics.
  • Learn about our invitation only, Chronic Disease Academy: Held annually, the Academy is NACDD’s premier in-person professional development program. Attendees, including state and territorial health officials, Chronic Disease Unit staff, partners, and students participate in the Academy for a deeper dive on core chronic disease prevention and control competencies, emerging issues in our field, and networking opportunities. 
  • Become a better leader: Chronic Disease Director leadership support is available through several NACDD programs and opportunities. NACDD’s Public Health Leadership and Practice (PHLP) team facilitates peer-to-peer learning among Chronic Disease Directors by cultivating leader-to-leader dialogue among states and CDC and by enabling collective problem solving.

Careers at NACDD

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