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The Health Equity Council exists to better address health equity issues within chronic disease programs. Members work to foster the NACDD’s agenda for the elimination of health inequities by providing leadership, expertise, training, resources, and technical assistance. The Council strives to explain the social determinants of health more fully as well as identify actionable strategies; describe promising practices; and make recommendations to improve organizational cultural competency.

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What We Do

  • Identify issues that make it difficult to close the gaps in health status and outcomes.
  • Provide enhanced training to increase the capacity of the public health workforce to address health equity.
  • Provide technical assistance to NACDD consultants and members with a focus on health equity integration into proposals, projects, and initiatives.

Who Should Join Us

Health professionals who wish to close the gaps in health status, reduce disparities, and eliminate healthcare inequities

Message From the Chair

Welcome to the Health Equity Council (HEC) web page.

The HEC consists of dedicated individuals who are committed to addressing health disparities through engaging in a series of practice-based and results-oriented projects that produce tools to help local, state, public and private institutions move towards health equity. One example of such work is the recent release by the NACDD of the ‘State Health Department Organizational Self-Assessment for Achieving Health Equity. This self-assessment provides public health leaders with tools and guidance in identifying skills, organizational practices, and infrastructure necessary to achieve health equity.’

In addition, the HEC hosts opportunities for public health leaders to hear about, question and engage in communities of practice regarding innovative policies and strategies employed by members and guests from throughout the United States and its territories. The HEC believes overcoming health inequities in the United States is entirely possible by changing the way we define, think and address health disparities and inequities. The CDC defines syndemic orientation as ‘a way of thinking about public health work that focuses on connections among health-related problems, considers those connections when developing health policies, and aligns with other avenues of social change to ensure the conditions in which all people live, work and play can be healthy’. To that end, the NACDD Health Equity Council offers practice-based learning opportunities to public health professionals in the areas of the social determinants of health, cultural competency, advocacy and promising practices.

Additional council accomplishments include standardized definitions of health equity terms, a cultural competency assessment and a health equity skills assessment, cultural competency trainings and workshops, a directory of promising practices, model language for encouraging diversity and health equity and many productive partnerships with other health equity minded groups and organizations.The HEC membership is open to individuals and internal/external partners of the NACDD.

Someone once said that ‘he who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything’. So, let’s work together to spread hope. Join us.

Robyn Taylor, MBA

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