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Generate, Educate, Activate, Respond (GEAR) Groups


Generate, Educate, Activate, Respond (GEAR) Groups are part of a professional development and leadership program at NACDD to provide learning incubators on various crosscutting topics of interest to further advance leadership, mentoring and expand opportunities for networking with other public health professionals at state health departments. GEAR Groups differ from communities of practice in that the GEAR Groups will develop a product that will help to advance the field of public health not only in the participating states but also the rest of the states. NACDD completed five GEAR Groups in 2016, and another five in 2017—information about those topic areas and their products can be found here


Topics are developed by NACDD members and are aligned with the CDC’s Four Domains and board strategic priorities–leadership and management skills in state public health, partnering with health care, and explaining data, evidence and value.  


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