NACDD Action on Diabetes

NACDD has worked with CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation for over 30 years to support national and state efforts to prevent and manage diabetes and its complications. The Diabetes Council was the first diabetes-related project implemented by NACDD. Currently, NACDD leads and manages multiple projects to expand, build sustainability, and increase access, enrollment, and completion for both the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) and diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) services. NACDD works collaboratively with CDC, State Health Departments, and many national and state-level partners to help them strategically expand partnerships, build capacity to address state and national objectives, and advance health equity.

NACDD’s Added Value

NACDD works closely with CDC to provide technical assistance and support for staff in all State Health Departments, the District of Columbia, territories, and some local health jurisdictions. NACDD provides subject matter expertise in diabetes prevention and management including how to work with Medicaid, commercial payers, and public and private employers to promote coverage and utilization of the National DPP and DSMES services. NACDD supports State Health Department staff through consultation, facilitation, strategy support, planning, peer mentoring and learning opportunities, leadership development, training, and education.

Using a State Engagement Model developed with CDC, NACDD has worked with more than 40 State Health Departments, engaging key partners in each state to develop a diabetes prevention action plan and a commitment to support its implementation. This 12 to 18 month process of strategic consultation and support services is customized for each state. Learn more in the National DPP State Engagement Model Collective Impact Report and Executive Brief.

The long-standing Diabetes Council is made up of more than 250 staff from State Health Departments working in diabetes prevention and management. NACDD serves as a connector, facilitator, and guide for the Executive Team and Leadership Group that oversee the Diabetes Council and its activities.

NACDD implemented and lead the Medicaid Coverage Demonstration Project, a landmark, multi-year project that showed how state Medicaid agencies and State Health Departments can collaborate to implement and deliver a sustainable coverage model for the National DPP lifestyle change program. This work continues with select State Health Departments and State Medicaid agencies. NACDD also assists states in engaging commercial and employer payers.

  • The National DPP Coverage Toolkit, developed jointly with CDC, is an online resource that helps states and organizations navigate the potential complexities of offering the program as a covered health benefit.
  • The National DPP Employer Learning Collaborative is a unique opportunity for select State Health Departments and national partners to receive tailored technical assistance and support while engaging employers to offer the National DPP lifestyle change program as a covered medical or wellness benefit for their employees.

Working in collaboration with CDC, NACDD provides technical assistance and support for several projects:

  • Provides technical assistance and support for 10 national organizations funded by CDC whose goal is expanding the National DPP delivery infrastructure in underserved areas and for underserved populations.
  • Works directly with Alaska, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania as one of the 10 national organizations working to expand the National DPP in underserved areas and for underserved populations.
  • Engages national experts and industry partners to come together to discuss emerging issues that relate to the expansion and success of the National DPP.
  • Supports selected states with subject matter expertise on working with employers to promote coverage of the National DPP lifestyle change program and also serves as the lead for employers who seek out more information through the CDC National DPP Customer Service Center.
  • Provides extensive expertise and assistance to numerous states at various stages of implementing the National DPP lifestyle change program in Medicaid through CDC’s 6|18 initiative, and through an intensive technical assistance and funding opportunity to address system challenges.
  • Provides continued funding and support to Maryland and Oregon, the original two states involved in the Medicaid Demonstration Project.
  • NACDD and CDC are collaborating on a project called Reaching Minority Men Where They Are. This project is designed to identify and understand effective universal strategies that will increase the enrollment of minority men in the National DPP lifestyle change program and DSMES.
  • NACDD is extending the National DPP lifestyle change program to people with disabilities, with more than 30 lifestyle coaches trained on “Prevent T2 for All,” a version of the curriculum designed to bring inclusion to the forefront of recruitment.

Careers at NACDD

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