NACDD is leading the way to provide resources and educational opportunities to its Members to help their State Health Departments best serve their partners and communities. On this page you will find resources that may help you reach your diabetes prevention and management-related objectives. Resources include newsletters, podcast episodes, tools and guidance for CDC-funded partners, educational publications, and webinars.

Collective Voices for Diabetes: Partnering for Prevention and Management is a new podcast series, launched in September 2021, showcasing innovative public health practices, collective approaches, and unique achievements in the field of partnerships for diabetes prevention and management.

Ep 1. Overcoming Adversity in National DPP Programming, featuring Tennessee Department of Health and Emory Centers for Public Health Training and Technical Assistance.
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Ep 2. Working Together to Address Regional Needs, a two-part episode featuring the Co-Chairs of Tennessee’s three regional diabetes coalitions.
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Ep 3. Achieving More by Leveraging Partnerships for a Collective Impact on Diabetes Prevention, featuring Pennsylvania Department of Health and Health Promotion Council.
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NACDD Diabetes Publications
Below are some of our most recent educational publications to support the prevention and management of diabetes on a national scale. Visit NACDD’s general Publications Library for a full archive of diabetes-related and other publications.

  • Umbrella Hub Arrangements FAQ (2022)
    Answers frequently asked questions about umbrella hub arrangements. Umbrella hub arrangements connect community-based organizations with healthcare payment systems to pursue sustainable reimbursement for the National DPP lifestyle change program and the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program. 
  • FAQs on USPSTF Recommendations for Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Screening (2022)
    Answers frequently asked questions about the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force’s updated recommendation for screening for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.
  • Collective Impact in Action Report (2020)
    Provides an overall summary update on State Engagement Model states’ work and an in-depth look at the important work of 14 states that have participated in the model. The report offers a rich sample of the breadth of National DPP work being done and shares best practices and innovation. 
  • Working with Third-Party Organizations Fact Sheet (2019)
    Provides a brief introduction to what a third-party organization is and how working with one may support the sustainability of organizations delivering the National DPP.
  • Establishing and Operationalizing Medicaid Coverage of Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (2019)
    This guide walks readers through the steps required to make Medicaid coverage a reality for diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES). The guide examines strategies to support State Health Department and Medicaid agency staff in their efforts to increase coverage and utilization of DSMES services in their states.
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program, State Engagement Model Collective Impact Report (2018)
    Showcases the impressive results of State Health Departments’ work with partners to expand the National DPP. The report contains aggregate data as well as more detailed State Outcome Briefs. The Executive Brief (2018) includes highlights and summarizes the NACDD/CDC State Engagement Model.
  • Working Together to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: The National Diabetes Prevention Program State Outcome Briefs (2018)
    Contains outcome briefs submitted by each state and NACDD partner for the purpose of providing information to participants during the National DPP State Engagement Outcomes Summit, held in February 2018.
  • National Prediabetes Awareness Tools (2017)
    Describes a PSA series available for broadcast and the 40 CBS: Your Health® interview segments featuring Joan Lunden speaking with Dr. Ann Albright, director of CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. Contact information is supplied to help states find out how to utilize these CBS assets.
  • National DPP Coverage Toolkit (2021)
    Describes the online National DPP Coverage Toolkit, launched in 2017 by NACDD and Leavitt Partners and funded by CDC, that helps organizations navigate the potential complexities of offering the program as a covered benefit.
  • Demonstration Project – Medicaid Coverage for the National DPP (2020)
    Medicaid Coverage for the National DPP (2020) Describes the Medicaid Demonstration Project, funded by CDC, that showed how state Medicaid agencies and State Health Departments can collaborate to implement and deliver a sustainable coverage model for the National DPP.
Below are recordings of our most recent webinar offerings. Visit our Vimeo channel for a full archive of webinar recordings.

    Your Prescription for Success with Pharmacies
    This two-part Diabetes Council professional development webinar series shares how State Department of Health staff can work with pharmacists and pharmacies to increase access to and enrollment in Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support and the National Diabetes Prevention Program.
    Part 1, August 2021 Featuring the National Community Pharmacy Association, CDC, and North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Missouri diabetes programs.
    Part 2, January 2022 Featuring CDC, the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, and New York, New Mexico, and Oklahoma diabetes programs.

    Umbrella Hub Arrangement Basics
    August 2021
    Learn how umbrella hub arrangements (UHA) can connect community-based organizations to healthcare payment systems and create a sustainable arrangement by offering administrative program supports and streamlining billing services for National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change programs.

    Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
    July 2021
    In this Diabetes Council professional development webinar, participants are inspired to identify and use their leadership skills to accomplish their diabetes prevention and management objectives. Brené Brown, author of Dare to Lead and the podcast of the same name, has developed a leadership assessment that helps participants focus on the tools needed to unlock their leadership potential. This one hour introductory webinar was taught by Dare to Lead trained facilitator, Vicki Simmons, LCSW.

    Telehealth Tips and Tools for 1815/1817 Recipients
    September 2019
    This interactive virtual training shows how telehealth can be used to increase screening for diabetic retinopathy and improve access and remove barriers to participation in diabetes self-management education and support and the National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program. Three breakout sessions took deeper looks into using telehealth for each area, respectively.
    Breakout Session 1 (DSMES)
    Breakout Session 2 (National DPP)
    Breakout Session 3 (Retinopathy Screening)

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