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The CVH Council represents YOU to NACDD and the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention. Please reach out to me or any of our representatives to share your needs and challenges related to 1815/1817 Category B.

Brittany Brown (Utah), Chair

What is the CVH Council?



The Council is a critical resource to NACDD and CDC. Council representatives have been elected by their peers to represent the strengths, concerns, and interests of health departments to NACDD and CDC’s Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention staff and Million Hearts® team. The Council provides extensive input and feedback to NACDD on learning opportunities, Off the Cuff, and 1815/1817 technical assistance related to HDSP strategies. 

Council representatives contribute the following:

  • Represent state health departments to NACDD, CDC, and other partners;
  • Facilitate peer connections among staff working on cardiovascular disease interventions;
  • Set the priorities and best methods for providing support to all state health departments, such as recommending topics for webinars and Fireside Chats and helping to determine the most suitable means to disseminate information; and
  • Coordinate and integrate activities with other NACDD councils and committees.


About Your Council












Email Address


Brittany Brown


Chair Elect

Janna Pastir


Past Chair

Tara Trujillo


At Large

John Stuligross


At Large

Kristina Dawkins


At Large

Desiree Jonas


At Large

Valerie Gosselin


EEC Lead

Lara Kaye


EEC Lead

Shelby Vadjunec


EEC Lead

Emily Johnson


GIS Liaison

Rachael Austin


Health Equity Council Liaison

Cheryl Farmer


Government Affairs Council Liaison

Crystelle Fogle


Peg Adams Peer to Peer Liaison

Paul Meddaugh


Read bios for the elected 2019 members here.


How are Council representatives elected?

Most Council positions are elected. Some are appointed through other NACDD Councils and workgroups; these are indicated below with an asterisk (*). For elected positions, a call for nominations is issued in Off the Cuff in November of each year that includes a list of available positions. All CVH Network members are encouraged to nominate staff they would like to see serve as 1815/1817 ambassadors for state health departments. After the nominations period closes, nominees are asked to confirm their interest and submit information for the election ballot. An election is announced through Off the Cuff and nominees are elected by state staff working with 1815/1817 Category B strategies. Learn about the positions on the Council. Please contact MaryCatherine Jones ( if you have questions about the positions or process. 

How Can I Provide Feedback or Suggestions to the Council?

States are encouraged to reach out to Council representatives throughout the year to convey ideas, ask questions, and share feedback. You may contact any Council representatives at any time. We highly encourage you to contact At Large representatives with general issues and liaisons if your question or feedback is related to their content area. The Chair and Chair Elect are always appropriate to contact and are well positioned to understand your needs and represent them to the group and to NACDD. You may also reach out directly to the NACDD consultants, MaryCatherine Jones ( and Kayla Craddock ( if you have suggestions about the Council and how we can improve opportunities for states to collaborate, exchange best practices, and share tools and resources. We would love to hear from you!