NACDD Action on Cancer

NACDD is working on state cancer program transformation in several ways. NACDD implemented actions that identified real-time opportunities to improve breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening, follow-up diagnostics, and access to treatment. NACDD monitors the Impact of the Changing Healthcare Policy Environment on State Cancer Programs at the national and state levels, assisting state cancer prevention and control programs in identifying new opportunities to promote and increase appropriate cancer screening.

Additionally, NACDD increased communication between CDC and state programs regarding emerging policies, practices, and delivery models to enhance screening. In collaboration with the CDC Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, NACDD is using a participatory partnership approach to improve future surveillance of shared decision-making for breast, prostate, and lung cancer screening, forming three work groups to reach consensus by developing a conceptual framework for each cancer type. A new brand identity and communication strategy and tool, developed by NACDD after a multi-step research effort, will help CDC and state grantees increase stakeholder understanding, support, and participation in the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and the Colorectal Cancer Control Program

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