Lisa Erck

Elizabeth G. Erck, MS

Arthritis, Cardiovascular Health, Work@Health

Lisa Erck is an NACDD Public Health Consultant and subject matter expert executing a variety of projects in the health and wellness field. Currently, she serves as a Worksite Wellness Consultant responsible for building state workplace health expertise and capacity using CDC tools and resources, including Work@Health®.

Lisa has a professional background spanning health promotion, public health, sales, project management, and business development. Previously, she was a senior wellness consultant with AdvancingWellness providing worksite wellness content and subject matter expertise for Massachusetts Working on Wellness, a statewide training initiative helping participating worksites adopt sustainable policies and practices that promote and protect employee health. She has provided subject matter expertise for the Massachusetts Small Business Wellness Tax Credit and Model Guide, and the Maricopa County worksite wellness toolkit. In addition, Lisa facilitated a participatory health improvement initiative linking health promotion with workplace health and safety with the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace.

Lisa holds a Master of Science degree with a concentration in health, exercise, and sport science, and she earned a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College. Lisa lives in Charleston, S.C., with her husband, three boys, and dog.

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