GEAR Group Bibliography

Resource or Publication Title Description or Summary of Value
Resources related to data and surveillance
Resources related to environmental approaches
US Department of Health and Human Services—Health Care,
Affordable Care Act
(see section 9007)
Resources related to health systems
Resources related to community-clinical linkages
APHA Legislative Advocacy Handbook: A Guide for Effective Public Health Advocacy This Legislative Advocacy Handbook has been prepared by American Public Health Association staff to assist public health practitioner in their individual and coalition advocacy efforts.
Strategies for Effectively Communicating with Legislators This document, published by the Association of Public Health Nurses, provides tips for each stage of in-person communication with legislators as well as for communication via telephone. In addition, the document defines categories of legislators in terms of level of support or opposition, along with recommendations for engaging each type of legislator (for example, “the champion” vs. “the hardcore opponent”).
Tips for Communicating with Legislators This guide, published by the City of Portland, OR, provides tactics and tips for successful communication with legislators. The guide is organized by mode or purpose of communication including by letter, through committee testimony, when answering questions, by telephone, and through an in-person meeting.
Health in All Policies: A Framework for State Health Leadership This publication of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials provides strategies and information relevant to communicating the value of public health with legislators. In addition, it discusses sustainable changes required to continually cultivate and maintain respect and understanding in cross-sector relationships, with topics including:  

  • Defining mutually beneficial goals
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Opportunity for policy change
  • Promotion of health and equity
Building your Advocacy Toolbox: Advocacy vs. Lobbying A National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO) publication that defines public health advocacy and lobbying, providing activity examples as well as tips.
Health Affairs: At the Intersection of Health, Health Care and Policy This publication provides real world examples of how a framework of quality concepts can be used to improve the public health system.
What’s Working in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control (database) The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors’ What’s Working database houses state and local successes and initiatives to help state and territorial health departments, partners, and decision makers learn more about What’s Working in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control. The success stories in the database demonstrate to policymakers programs that work, show decision-makers that funds are well spent, and serve as program examples for states.
A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health This report, published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides ways to create more compelling, effective, and persuasive messages that resonate across the political spectrum.
Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money (Section 4: Advocacy) The American Public Health Association provides an opportunity to become an advocate for APHA’s public health priorities and for the value of public health activities in your community. Public health advocates help influence the way the public and policymakers think about and act on public health issues. Everyone can be an advocate for public health and your voice can make a difference.
Unnatural Causes…is inequality making us sick? This policy guide was prepared to assist public health practitioners in their efforts to create policies that promote and endorse health equity across the Nation. The guide provides strategies and guidance on developing a policy approach in addition to policy recommendations.


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