2018 NACDD Showcase Posters

  Survey of States  Jeanne Alongi, Tamara Engel, and Julie Dudley
  Empower Patients and Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias   Paula F. Clayton, Jessica Faul, and Adeline Yerkes
Advancing Arthritis Public Health Approaches  Heather Murphy and Natasha M. McCoy
   The PATH to Improving Laboratory Measurements of Chronic Disease Biomarkers    Leslie Best 
  Surveillance of Shared Decision-Making for Prostate, Breast, and Lung Cancer   Randy Schwartz and Adeline Yerkes
  Improving Patient and Health Care Provider Communication about Early Onset Breast Cancer   Paulette M. Valliere, John Patton, Frank Bright, and Natasha M. McCoy
  Innovative Communication in Cancer Prevention and Control  Lisa C. Richardson, Shelton Bartley, Natasha M. McCoy, Frank Bright, Paulette M. Valliere, and John Patton
  NACDD Cancer Prevention and Control 2018    Paula F. Clayton, Paulette M. Valliere, Adeline Yerkes, Amy Greene, Natasha M. McCoy, Frank Bright, and John Patton
  Educating Providers on How to Manage Psychosocial Distress in Cancer Survivors  Amy Greene
  Developing a New Brand Identity for National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and the Colorectal Cancer Control Program  Amy Greene and John Patton, and Melonie Thomas, Teri Larkins, and Oluwatomiloba Ademokun 
  Skin Cancer Messages Among Black and Hispanic Groups Ages 18-44 Who are at Risk   Frank Bright, Natasha M. McCoy, Adeline Yerkes, Natasha Buchanan Lunsford, Dawn Holman, Meg Watson, Jennifer Becktold, Adwoa Prempeh, and Karen Stein
Environmental Scan of Skin Cancer Prevention Messages  Adeline Yerkes 
    State Cancer Program Transformation in a Changing Health Policy Environment   Paula F. Clayton, Ellen Jones, and Frank Bright 
 Chronic Disease Competencies Barbara Park, Jeanne Alongi, and Mary Kane 
   NACDD Communications Guide Peggy Yen and Paige L. Rohe
   National Mentorship Program in Applied Chronic Disease Epidemiology Natasha M. McCoy
   CVH Fireside Chats and Virtual Roundtables  Miriam Patanian, Julia Schneider, Susan Svencer, and MaryCatherine Jones
  Off the Cuff: Domain 3/Health Systems Updates   Kathy Foell and Miriam Patanian
   Advancing Team-Based Care to Manage High Blood Pressure Julia Schneider and Susan Svencer
  NACDD’s Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Project  Miriam Patanian, Kathy Foell, MaryCatherine Jones, Julia Schneider, and Susan Svencer
   1705: Scaling and Sustaining the Diabetes Prevention Program Alice A. Jaglowski, Mari Brick, and John Patton
   Diabetes Communities of Practice Kathy Foell, Trish Herrmann, Susan Lopez-Payan, Trina Thompson, Catherine McCann, and Tera Miller 
  Medicaid Coverage for the National DPP Demonstration Project   Marti Macchi, Kelly McCracken, Stefanie Hansen, and Wendy Childers
  NACDD Partners with the American Medical Association on the National DPP: Engaging State Medical Societies and Business Organizations  Barbara Park, Ann Forburger, and Marti Maachi
   Helping States Tell Their Diabetes Success Stories Ann Forburger, Trish Herrmann, Susan Lopez-Payan, Catherine McCann, Tera Miller, Barbara Park, Tiffany Pertillar, and Trina Thompson 
Diabetes Council Builds Leadership in States   Ann Forburger, Trish Herrmann, Tiffany Pertillar, Susan Lopez-Payan, and Trina Thompson 
   Coordinating with CDC’s 6|18 Initiative to Provide Technical Assistance on Medicaid Coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program  Joanna DiBenedetto
   Reaching People with Disabilities through Healthy Communities Karma Harris, Jennie Hefelfinger, and Heather Murphy
   Evidence-based Chronic Disease Prevention Course (EBCD) Carol Brownson
  1305 Epidemiology and Evaluation Collaborative (EEC)  MaryCatherine Jones
  Health and the Environment – Tracking in Action  Stephanie Mathews
  NACDD’s Performance Measurement and Evaluation Tool  Zarina Fershteyn, Ann Marie Jones, and Metrecia Terrell
  Building GIS Capacity in State and Local Health Departments for the Prevention and Management of Heart Disease, Stroke, and other Chronic Diseases MaryCatherine Jones 
  Advancing Health Equity  Robyn Taylor
   Leadership Development Jeanne Alongi, Tamara Engel, and Julie Dudley
  Chronic Disease Directors Forum Jeanne Alongi, Tamara Engel, and Julie Dudley
   Thought Leaders Round Table  Marti Macchi, Jeanne Alongi, and Jennie Hefelfinger 
  Implementation of Strategic Plans for Lupus  Leslie Best
  Assessing State Decision-Maker Perceptions About Evidence-Based Policy on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Ellen Jones, Paula F. Clayton, and Julia Schneider
  Building Healthy Military Communities Karma Harris and John Robitscher
  Pediatric Healthy Weight Management Programs  Leslie Best
  Walkability Action Institute Karma Harris
  NACDD’s Partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD) to Integrate Oral Health and Chronic Disease Barbara Park
  NACDD OSTLTS Program Performance 2013 – 2017  Jennie Hefelfinger
  NACDD’s Pacific Chronic Disease Council  Gwen Hosey
  Developing a Physical Activity Assessment Tool  Karma Harris and Carol McPhillips-Tangum
  School Health Laura DeStigter, Abby Lowe-Wilson, and Amanda Martinez
  Diabetes, Obesity, and Pain — Understanding the Connection Peter Simpson
   Diabetes, Obesity, and Pain — Case Study Peter Simpson
  STAR (STate Activation and Response)  Jeanne Alongi, Tamara Engel, and Julie Dudley
Member Engagement Tracking & Insights Tamika Smith
  Vision and Eye Health Initiative Carol McPhillips-Tangum
  Building Workplace Health Expertise and Capacity in States Sara Hanlon and Miriam Patanian

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